The Wonders that Six Month Smile Braces can Gift You!

As far as orthodontic dentistry is concerned, traditional braces have undisputedly been one of the most used tools over the ages. This range of dental gadgets is as effective as reliable. But it also has its downsides. Most importantly patients passed their teenage report it makes them overly self conscious.  In other words, conventional braces make people feel discomfort with the way they look.

Thankfully technology has evolved to alternative options that not only offer impressive results faster but also discreetly.

One such example is the Six Month Smile. The type of braces used in this programme is pretty similar to the traditional ones. But there exist some fundamental differences to allow patients achieve desired results discreetly. These modified braces do not have any metallic component.

Instead these make use of clear brackets that are accompanied by tooth coloured wires. As a result the device as well as the programme is aesthetically appealing for users. As the name suggests, this range of modern braces takes about six months to straighten the teeth for the average people, although in many cases  the treatment gets over any time between four and nine months. The exact time frame depends on the degree of severity or crookedness in a given case.

Six Month Smile programme can correct a wide range of issues related to teeth misalignment. In fact it can sort out the problems that are dealt with conventional braces and other orthodontic techniques. The problems that it can solve include –

  • Cross bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Under bite
  • Over bite
  • Gap in between the teeth
  • Mild rotations of the teeth

Orthodontic dentistry relies on specially designed devices to move the teeth to correct alignment and Six Month Smile is no exception. It uses tooth coloured braces. However this treatment procedure mostly focuses on the front teeth that get exposed whenever you smile. As long as your orthodontic problem is not severe enough or involves the molar teeth, you are assured to get the best results it can offer.

It is always advisable to choose your Six Month Smile braces provider from your nearby locations. First you will be thoroughly diagnosed to ascertain the best treatment option for you. This brings us to selection of right candidates for the treatment. How candidature is selected for this orthodontic procedure? Let us find out.

Choosing the perfect candidate for the treatment

The right candidates for this orthodontic procedure must possess at least few of the qualities given below –

  • Suffer from crowded teeth problem that ranges from mild to moderate
  • Desire to go for an expedited restorative option that not only proves efficient but also comfortable
  • In addition to that the right candidates must have the desire to go for discreet teeth straightening treatment

Efficiency of the braces to fix overbite problem

The condition of overbite refers to an individual’s upper teeth overlapping with respect to the lower ones. The problem is often genetic although jaw malformation may also be responsible in certain cases. Malformation of jaw results from thumb sucking till an advanced stage, extended use of pacifier or feeding from the bottle at childhood. However adults are also known to develop the problem because of habitual chewing of cigars, ice or fingernails. Teeth grinding and TMJ dysfunction are also responsible for the problem.

These days orthodontic dentistry has improved a lot to provide satisfactory solutions to the problem of overbite. The problem is easy to treat when addressed early. If a dentist notices the problem in a child during a routine check up, the condition can be easily resolved. As such most orthodontic treatments are suitable for kids because their jaws are yet to develop fully, whereas in fully developed jaws of adults teeth movement is more cumbersome and challenging.

The reason behind overbite has to be taken into consideration as well to determine the treatment procedure. In many cases the problem arises from skeletal issues. Those cases are ideal for surgery because adult jaws are hardly flexible. In other cases extraction of a few teeth may be required to make space for the braces. Thus the remaining teeth will gradually move into their correct position.

The best part is almost every issue of teeth misalignment can be addressed and resolved these days.

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More about 6 Month Smile procedure

The treatment evolved in the US nearly a couple of decades ago although it has arrived in the UK lately. Just like conventional braces treatment or invisalign this one also kicks off with a visit to your dentist for thorough check up. X Rays and digital photographs of your mouth are taken during that check up and the dentist listens to your expectations from the treatment in detail. Then based on the clinical diagnosis the dentist tells you actually how much improvement you should expect. Based on all these factors the oral health practitioner decides whether Six Month Smile procedure is suitable for you.

What happens if you are judged unsuitable? There is nothing to worry. The dentist will definitely recommend you a suitable treatment procedure in case you are found not to be an ideal candidate for 6 Month Smile. There are lots of reliable options available these days to correct your misaligned teeth.

When you are found to be a suitable candidate the braces are fitted to your teeth. The braces come in the colour of your teeth and thus are hardly noticeable inside your mouth. It is relevant mentioning here, Six Month Braces cost in London is pretty reasonable compared their traditional counterpart. Blending efficiency and comfort with affordability, it is one of the most popular teeth straightening procedures across the UK.

Is 6 Month Smile programme painful?

Initially when the braces are fitted to the teeth you cannot escape a strange feeling but gradually the issue subsides on its own. It happens because the teeth become tender when they come in contact to the braces. But the good thing is the Six Month Smile procedure applies a very little pressure on the teeth. Thus not only the pain and discomfort but also disruption is minimal compared to the other alternative procedures.