What You Can Do with An Older Boiler?

The boiler never lasts for the rest of your life. And sometimes all you need to do is to replace the existing device. But it is not a bad idea at all. The new model becomes energy efficient making it better for both environment and the bill of your home. During replacement, people worry regarding the deposition of the old appliance.

Check out the blog below if you want to dispose of the old boiler in an effective manner.

How you can remove the old boiler?

Boiler experts never recommend DIY removal of the boiler. It is a task you should do by the Gas Safe heating engineer. They disconnect the supply of power and gas to the boiler prior to removing it. After installation of the new boiler system, it will test by the heating engineer for assuring that the device is efficient and safe to use.

The engineer will take a day the removal of the old boiler hence you will receive the supply of hot water after some time. However, if the process is complex such as the replacement of a conventional boiler that it will consume more time.

How you can replace the old boiler?

Earlier in 2010, the Government implemented the initiative of the boiler scrappage scheme. This means you can easily scrap off any outdated G-rated boiler to receive a voucher for £400. It is helpful for lessening the boiler number which emitted CO2 at a high level.

Afterward, it ended in 2011, and in September 2020, another scheme was launched. Green Homes Grant Scheme is all about making your home smart and energy efficient by reducing the carbon footprint. But it never includes boilers.

But nowadays, on the arrival of the heating engineer to install the new model they ask if they are unable to take to the existing or old one. Although it won’t fill up your pocket you can easily dispose of the boiler immediately without causing any clutter in the house.

Contact the local council if they wish to collect the appliance. Bulky Waste Collection is quite common in London and other areas. Simply they take a specific charge to take it usually of £15-£20 for every item. Just discard the item and keep them at your property’s boundary.

They will stop to collect it away. However, do check if they accept boilers as many local councils don’t. If not then you can use it as a recycled item or send it to the scrap yard.

Is it possible to take the boiler to tip?

You cannot take the boiler to its tip for its disposal. It is so because a boiler is a complex appliance containing every kind of material. That’s why it is regarded as commercial waste over domestic waste. And local tips cannot help you to seek relief from it and consider buying a new one.

Is it possible to sell the old boiler for scrape?

You can take the existing boiler to the local scrap and check what price you receive in return. Although the amount will not be too high yet you can get £50 extra. Actually, the metal will reuse in other kinds of manufacturing. Also, it is a great way to dispose of the old boiler in an eco-friendly manner.

Never forget that the boiler you want to scrap has only a copper hot water tank and copper pipes. Hence, for those fittings, you can get an additional £70 as their value during disposal. In case you need repairing for the new model then book for emergency boiler repair in London from us anytime in the city.