10 Trending Electrical Upgrades for Your Kitchen 2022

The kitchen is normally not the space to prepare food anymore. It has become an area where family comes together socializes and touches base after a long tedious day.

The core of a modern family home is usually the kitchen that has transitioned into a hub.

Today we have compiled a list of several ideas that are shared by the professionals to include in the kitchen when you are planning to upgrade your kitchen.

The professional will be able to offer you with electrician wiring layout of the plan that considers appliances that will move from place to place or remain stationary.

For the stoves or built-in ovens, you also require specialized flexible connections and you also need to place the light for optimum visibility. All these are done after proper consultation with you.

#1. Pop Up Electrical Outlets

The pop-up electrical outlets will be your ideal choice if you wish to avoid the clutter on your kitchen counter. This has many plug-INS and pops up from under the counter being pushed down again when it is not in use.

It is completely hidden from sight when it is not in use as they are placed with the cabinets from under the counter by the qualified electrician North Shore.

#2. Outlets that are invisible

The electrical outlets allow you to push the electrical appliance right up against the wall as they can be recessed about half an inch into the wall.

This will provide you with a lot of counter space and the unsightly plugs, as well as the cords, do remain hidden away from sight.

#3. Lighting upgrades

You will come across several lighting options for the kitchen. To allow the light to change colors and for the creation of different moods, under-counter LED lighting can now be connected to a control unit.

For the creation of an illusion of space, accent lighting can also be placed in different areas of the kitchen. For attractively displaying the contents that are inside, display cupboards with glass doors can also be fitted with spotlights.

You need to consult with your kitchen lighting expert to get the best advice on the options that are available to you.

#4. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Plugs

In every newly built or remodeled home, this upgrade came under the notion of being compulsory in 2014.

The flow of electricity and the trips of the circuit that cuts the electrical flow if there are any electrical faults, a plug is installed for monitoring the same. To prevent electrical fires and shocks, this has greatly assisted all.

#5. Installing Designer Switches

You no longer only have the choice of black or white plastic switches. You now have many color and material options for your switches and switch plates ranging from stainless steel to stone. You can now customize your kitchen switches to your taste.

#6. Data Ports

To plugin and charge your phone and other devices in the kitchen you can install data ports with the USB wiring.

Most of the homeowners are now requesting this electrical upgrade to be essential in the kitchen for many obvious reasons as at one time this was considered a luxury.

#7. Dimmers

Whether you have a headache and don’t like bright lights, or simply want to create a romantic atmosphere, a bulb parable with a dimmer switch is a nice addition to your kitchen lighting.

Say goodbye to the harsh, often unattractive fluorescent light that used to come standard in all our kitchens and welcome the new, customized version you have chosen. Get them installed through the 24-hour electrician at North Shore.

#8. Induction Stoves

An upgrade from your normal gas or electric stove, induction stove plates precisely heats up only the bottom of the pot while the rest of the stove surface remains cool.

Using electromagnetic technology these stoves not only heat faster and are safer but save you money as no heat is wasted.

#9. Designer Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods have evolved from an unsightly kitchen necessity to a custom designed kitchen appliance. You can now decide if you want your cooker hood to be a feature or to blend with its surroundings.

#10. Installing Designer Switches

You will find different types of switches that are present in the market today. People usually do not have an idea about it. But, you will surely come across a lot of options when it comes to the color and the material of the switches.

As a default usually plastic plates in black and white are used but they usually come in several colors. You might be looking for more elegant-looking switch plates such as those of stainless steel or even stone if you have a tile backsplash in the kitchen

Remodeling and upgrading involve a lot of fun when done right! All electrical upgrades and installations must only be carried out by a qualified, certified electrician.

Not only will we know and follow all the safety regulations, but we will also be able to professionally advise you on the correct placement of lighting, plugs, and switches.

A professional knows what’s new and exciting on the market and can assist you to customize your kitchen electric requirements to suit your family’s lifestyle and taste.