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Top 6 Reasons for Using Home-Theatre Projection Screens

There are various benefits of using projector screens in the home theatre. The projectors in home theatre offer versatility and ensure the good health of the eyes. If you are confused between the TV screen and projector screen in the home theatre, then we can help you to make the selection. 

The projection screens are better than TV in various ways. The projectors can display large images, compact size, portability, high value, compact size, and customizable screen size as well. 

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various reasons for installing the projection screen at home:

1. Customizable Screen Size

The biggest advantage of using the home cinema projector screen is that it is not like the TV screens. You can easily customize the screen size by varying the projection level. But this is not possible on the TV screens. If you have a good quality projector and projection screen, then you can easily vary the screen size from very small to very large.

2. Huge Images

The projection screens are usually large as compared to the TV screen. It means that you can easily display large images. If you want to set the ambiance of your home theatre just like the real theatre, then it is imperative to display the huge images on the large screen. The top-notch quality home theatre projection screen UK will let the mimic the real theatre at your home.

3. Eye Comfort

When we talk about eye comfort, then projection screens are at the top of the list. There are two-fold benefits of the installation of a projection screen for your eyes. We all know that it is quite easy to read large size texts as compared to smaller ones. This principle is also associated with the projector’s screen. As compared to the TV screens, the projectors are large and they can display large screens.

Therefore, the projection screens are easy on the eyes. Not just the large size of the screen ensures eye comfort. But, the images displayed by the projection screen are more comfortable to watch than the TV screen.

It is so because the home theatre screens UK reflects the lights. On the other hand, TV screens emit light. The distance between the viewer and the displaying screen also affects the comfort of the eyes. When you sit very much close to the display screen, then it will cause eye strain to the viewers.

4. Compact Size

Nowadays, whether it is a phone, TV, projection screen, the manufacturers are striving for optimization of the screen. In earlier times, the telephones were large. Nowadays, they are very small and thin in size. They are so small that you can keep them in your pockets. The home entertainment projector and projection screen have packed that large size TV into a very small size device.

The projection screen is very small and you can easily carry it in your hands. You just need to install the projector screen in the right position so that it can display the picture on the projection screen. Usually, the projectors are mounted on the ceiling. It will help to ensure that the images are displayed properly.

In addition to this, some projectors are designed in such a way that they can even be placed on the shelf which can be quite close to the projection screen. The projection screens are also available in different types. Some are fixed-mount and some of the projection screens can be retracted. The small size of the projectors will make a subtle presence in the home theatre.

5. Portable

It is not easy to easily shift the TV from one place to another. When it comes to the projectors and projection screens, they can be easily moved from one location to another. It is so because the projector and the projection screens are lightweight and portable.

Imagine, you have to shift a 45 inches TV that weighs 30 lbs. It is going to be very difficult for you. The projectors and projection screens are easy to install, dismantle and move.

6. Value

The projectors and projection screens are considered technologically advanced devices. They are available at a reasonable price. The 4k projector screen can display good quality images that can take your movie-watching experience to the next level.

Moreover, this screen is available at an affordable price. When you invest in the projector and projection screen for the home theatre, then you will observe that the cost/benefit ratio is very high.

Final Words

Now, you may have understood that the installation of projectors in the home theatre is a good idea as compared to the large screen TV. You will get a good experience and good value for your money.