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What is Software Testing Certification

Do you have an interest in the field of software testing? Are you seeking a career in this profession? If yes, then the best way to introduce you to this vast industry would be to get in with a certification.

The software testing certification with an effective QA process would not only help you to get a good job in the software testing industry but would also enrich you with various skills and techniques that would help you to excel in this field.

Software testing certification is a basic requirement and it would teach you new ways to test different types of software.

What is a certification in the field of software

The most dynamic environment nowadays is the environment in the IT industry. What is today, is modified tomorrow into a new product with loads of features and usability. You need to be technically qualified to survive in this competitive environment in the software testing industry. 

A software tester from a reputed mobile app testing company should have knowledge about the programming languages and technicalities of the computer. This would help you in many ways as a software tester has to interact with the programmers many times regarding the flaws in the software product and it would be an added advantage for you if you could interact with programmers in the technical language.

Different types of testing processes

All the knowledge regarding the type of testing such as white box testing and black box testing would be taught to you. Black box testing refers to the technique of testing in which only the external view is considered; that is, only the input and output of the software product are checked. It is ensured that there is a definite output for specified inputs.

In white-box testing, the internal schema is considered which focuses on the detailed investigation of the software product. All other concepts of testing such as unit testing, incremental integration testing, system testing, end to end testing, functional testing, regression testing, etc. are also taught in the software testing certification.

Certification credibility

Many institutes or universities offer software-testing certification either online or in physical classes. If you are among the people who are very busy or do not want to move out of your place then you can opt for online software testing certification. This would save both your time and your money.

Moreover, you will learn and acquire the software testing certification without moving out of your couch. All you need to have is an internet connection and a computer. What are you waiting for? Get software-testing certification and fulfill all your dreams of becoming a software tester.


Gone are the days when there used to be a countable number of companies offering software testing services. Nowadays, with the increase in the use of computers and software products the need for software testing services has increased.

Software testing services offer the software testing facility to all such companies who want to outsource testing of their software products.