Reviews for the Best EMR Software Companies for Urgent Care

It can be quite a difficult task to narrow down what software works best with different specialty clinics. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best EMR software companies who are creating solutions for urgent care facilities!

Why You Need an EMR Software for Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care is one of the most hectic areas of specialty medical care. There is a need for doctors to constantly be alert, ready to take on challenges, and prepared. Additionally, practitioners also need software on their side, that can take on the challenges of the facility and automate them for the most optimized results. 

Therefore, it is essential that urgent care practices work with the best EMR software companies in order to remain on the lookout for ways that they can improve their efficiency. Remember, in urgent care, even a lag of seconds can cause serious issues when handling patients who need immediate attention. 

A good EMR created by credible medical record software companies will allow you to streamline tasks at the clinic, document data quickly yet accurately, and facilitate quick and secure communication in urgent care scenarios. 

Features of Recommended Urgent Care EMR

Before you dive into the different kinds of EMR software on the market, it’s a good idea to go through some of the top features you should look out for that make a big difference.

Customizable Forms

Because you will be dealing with various kinds of patients, it is essential you can cater to a large range of reporting areas. The best EMR software companies provide customizable forms that will allow you to cover all of these complaint areas. 

Quick Data Handling

One thing you don’t want happening at an urgent care facility is data lag. When you’re looking for software go for one that is seamless, intuitive, yet lightweight so you don’t have to worry about systems crashing when there is a high data level entered in. 

Seamless Update and Sync

One thing to look out for in EMR for urgent care settings is that you need to be able to sync work immediately as you update the system. So all of the users, no matter where they are, can get the most accurate information regarding any given patient. 

The Best EMR Software Companies In Urgent Care


First up on the list of the best EMR software companies for urgent care is athenahealth. It allows practices to use an updated and integrated model that combines documentation and practice management. Some of the top features of the software include the fact that you can fill out prescriptions online, and allow patients to access a patient portal. 

A customized quote of athenahealth can be requested from the vendor. 


Next up, eClinicalWorks allows doctors to carry out tasks like superior risk management for medication prescriptions, which can be incredibly useful in quick decisions made in the urgent care setting. The software is easy to customize and adapt to different practice settings, which makes it an attractive option.

eClinicalWorks pricing begins at $499 a month for every user. 


PrognoCIS is a big name in this list, because of its unique tools built to enhance a practice’s ability to manage patient charts and data. Doctors can also carry out telehealth visits to view patient progress and is an all-in-one tool that allows practices to carry out a lot of tasks without having to sacrifice patient care. 

PrognoCIS is available to purchase at $250 a month.


Next, AdvancedMD is bound to be on the list of best EMR software companies in urgent care because of the versatility the software offers when adapting to various practice sizes. The administrative tasks at the urgent care facility can be sped up and automated using appointment management and scheduling tools. 

A customized quote for AdvancedMD EMR can be requested by the vendor. 


Last but not least in this list is DrChrono, which allows practices to comprehensively cover tasks like reimbursement management, revenue cycle management, and the creation and processing of billing statements. It allows practices to communicate effectively between the staff, doctors, and patients, and carry out scheduling tasks efficiently.

DrChrono’s pricing plan is a range between $50-500 a month. 

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What is the Right EMR for Me?

Although there are a lot of great recommendations of the best EMR software companies on this list, you can actually make a better division for yourself knowing all the facts. In addition to this review, you can also read through other reviews by clients of the software companies or request demos in order to decide which software works best for you.