Ways to Prevent a Miscarriage in the First Month

You will be surprised to know that not all the miscarriages are due to genetic disorders, and you can easily prevent them by doing minor changes to your lifestyle. The stress disorders and depression in women are increasingly leading issues followed by miscarriages.

If you have accepted the decisions of fate, then you can never do anything to prevent it. However, if you are really determined to give birth to a healthy child, you should take proper precautionary measures.

First, you should know about the possible causes of a first-month miscarriage before we proceed to inform you about the methods to stay safe from miscarriage.

Causes Of Miscarriage During The First Month

The first month of your pregnancy is no doubt full of excitement and happiness because you just received the good news. Don’t be over-excited because the rate of first month miscarriages is increasing rapidly.

There are different causes that lead to miscarriage to newly expecting mothers. Genetic abnormalities, blood clotting, placental problems, and ectopic pregnancy are some of the major ones. If you have a genetic abnormality, then you can do nothing about it. All the other causes are treatable.

How To Avoid Miscarriage In The First Month?

A lot has been said and done to prevent the causes of miscarriage during the first month of pregnancy, whereas, the following simple day to day measures can help you a great deal to save your pregnancy.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Make sure that you are taking complete care of your hygiene. Another major step to take is to quit smoking the very first day you come to know about your pregnancy.

Tobacco has led to a number of sudden infant deaths or stillborn deliveries in the country. So, make sure that you are not inhaling that poisonous smoke of cigarettes anymore.

The US health ministry has advised pregnant not to consume alcohol during the nine months. There is no safe amount of drinking while you are pregnant, so it is better to avoid it completely until the little guest arrives in this world safely and healthily.

Folic Acid Intake

If you are diagnosed with any chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or any such disease, there are high chances of pregnancy loss during the first month. As a prevention, you should take all your medication at the recommended time.

Along with that, taking proper vitamins another wise option to consider. There are a lot of benefits of folic acid, which is why it works as a protective shield in the first weeks of your pregnancy to help you save your pregnancy from a loss. Make sure you are taking the right amount of folic acid after consultation from your doctor.

Drink Plenty Of Water

The effects of drinking too much water during pregnancy have turned out to be extremely positive in terms of a healthy pregnancy. It is essential for you to stay hydrated and cool during your first month because the sudden growth of the fetus increases the heat in your body. If you are not having enough water intake, the heat will damage the fetus and end the pregnancy.

Regular Exercise

Being overweight is another cause of health problems. Heart diseases, diabetes, uric acid, and cholesterol are some of the most dangerous health issues leading to pregnancy loss. The recent researches have debunked the myths that a pregnant woman must confine to bed as it will only be a reason for weight gain.

Do regular exercise and maintain your weight. Don’t go for a tough session, but a light exercise of 15-20 minutes will suffice for the better health of your fetus.