Podcast SEO to Boost Your Reputation and Rankings

Studies show more than half the listeners (around 58%) spend one to five hours every week listening to podcasts. Of which 13% spend up to 10 hours and 15 % spend more than 10 hours listening to podcasts. This is big data that no one would want to miss out on. The majority of listeners spend 1 to 3 hours every week on one of their favorite podcasts.

These will change drastically over time as our lifestyle is getting busier. People are looking for a way that helps them get most of what they need in as little time as possible. And the podcast perfectly meets their needs. So the podcasts listener will grow many times in the days to come.

A study found that 42 million Americans listen to the podcast every week. And 24% of podcasts were listened to twice a week. The number of podcasts listened to four to five times a week was 20% while 19 % of pods were listened to thrice. Only 16% of pods listened to a single time.

That shows more and more people are listening to podcasts. Marketers can utilize this to increase their brand reputation and drive traffic to their websites by creating podcasts that solve a problem.

Compared to women more men listen to the podcasts. 9 % of listeners were in 2013, which grew to 21 % in 2017. This means women are increasingly taking interest in podcasts. And men pod listeners are growing at a faster pace – it was 15% in 2013 and grew to 27% in the last year.

With more and more people listening to the podcasts, a trend has developed: podcast marketing.  Guesting on podcasts has numerous search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management benefits. Employing the right strategy, marketers can use podcasting to boost reputation and search engine rankings.

Podcasting is one of the best ways to get backlinks, traffic, and social mentions. Here are some tips on how to get a boost on SEO and traffic through guesting on podcasts.

Create the Pods Strategically

Guesting on podcasts is one of the most effective SEO ways that help boost rankings and get more traffic. But it works only if executed strategically. So create your pods strategically in a way that allows you smartly include SEO and promote your brands.

So it is important to work on a plan before getting interviewed on a podcast. Do a lot of preparation and think a lot of ideas on how to utilize the interview for promoting your brands and getting traffic to your website.

For most SEO benefits from podcasting, there are some crucial things that you should do. In fact, these are what businesses can do to get their brand name out. And these are pre-requisites for guesting on podcasts.

  • Guest blogging for leading industry websites.
  • Speaking at local and national conferences.
  • Giving webinars yourself.
  • Being an expert on others’ webinars.
  • Building a following on social media.
  • Writing content on your site that gets significant shares and views.
  • Creating videos that are watched and shared.
  • Getting online reviews.

A worthy visit website with loads of information highly relevant for people looking for your products or services can do a great job of getting quality traffic.  So do essential changes and updates to your website to make it user-centered.

Muster all the things you can do for your website to look professional and interesting. This will increase your likelihood of getting booked.

Build a Persuasive Bio

Your bio is the best way to show off your expertise. A one-sheet bio is considered best. Make sure to include all your credentials and accomplishes.

As bio is an important document, it should be a one-sheeter page on your website. You can provide podcasts link to that page. The bio has the most crucial points that are talked about in the podcast. Make sure you include in your bio keywords related to your area of expertise and the topics you are an authority on.

You should use those keywords smartly as in the SEO. Take time and think of how you can use the keywords throughout the interview. If you do not know how to do that, there are some SEO Companies in India that will help you out.

Also, your bio should be strategically designed, and include all those things that present your brand distinctively, explaining why you are a trusted person in the industry.

Choose the Right Podcast Platforms

When it comes to podcast platforms, choose those that have a strong base of subscribers and hosts who know how to promote the show.

It should not be something intimidating. Just use podcasts along with keywords relevant to your business. This way, you can know if the podcasts rank for those keywords.

Make a list of topic areas you want to cover throughout the interview. It is wise to build the list broad enough so you can include all the topics that can allow you to reach a large targeted audience.

Choose the platforms for guesting that are of interest to people who want to hear the information you have to share. So make the best use of your wit. It is not always that you should choose the podcasts that relate to your niche.

For example, suppose you are an SEO company India, you can also go with a podcast platform meant for restaurant owners. But make sure you talk about how restaurants can optimize their Google My Business (GMB) listing by adding menus to their GMB listing.

There are many popular podcasts such as iTunes, Stitcher and many more that you might be interested in. Reach the owner the podcasts and share your bio to get yourself booked.