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Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycle Riders!

If the warm weather and pleasant sunshine are motivating you to hit the road and have the best of the road trip, know that you aren’t alone. On the way, you’re likely to encounter many different motorists including a lot of motorbike riders which also escalate the chances of accidents. 

Worldwide research has concluded that more than 20% of all road accidents and fatalities are that of motorcyclists whereas the count in 2017 alone reached 5,172. The report also revealed that above 80% of motorcycle crashes involve a serious injury or fatality. 

Regardless if you’ve ever ridden a motorbike or not, exercising safety precautions as well as choosing the right car tyres is extremely important to keep yourself and others safe.

Here’s how to share the road with bikers and move along in a safe and peaceful way! 

Don’t Compare Car to Motorcycle Accidents 

Bikers are completely exposed to their surroundings even if they’re wearing safety pads and even the smallest mistake or carelessness can cost valuable life. More than 80% of motorcycle crashes are likely to result in death as compared to any other form of vehicle accident.

If you drive a car or likewise vehicle, you need to be extra careful and responsible. Irrespective of whoever fault it is in the first place, bikers mostly face the worst outcome. 

Different Behaviour 

Sometimes, it seems that motorbike riders drive recklessly however, they’re just navigating according to the road conditions that you might be unaware of. Take for instance a small pothole over which a car can easily roll over but a motorcycle may crash. 

Be considerate and maintain a safe distance as per the road conditions that impact cars and motorcycles in a different way. 

Size Matters A Lot 

Its obvious motorcycles are smaller than cars and if yours is a supersized vehicle, seeing one approach can be difficult and nearly impossible between tight spaces, behind the bushes, trees, and other such objects.

Always keep your mirrors adjusted to minimize blind spots without ignoring the fact that one could be right in front of you. Before changing lanes or at the intersection, look behind just to be safe and courteous. 

Difficult to Gauge Distance 

With the smaller size of the motorcycle comes another problem and that’s difficulty in calculating the distance and speed at which they approach.

Some of the motorcycles have two headlights which can surely help in spotting them easily; as long as you don’t mistake them for a car due to the double front lights. 

The Weather Effect 

Unfavorable weather conditions have a much greater impact on bikers as slippery conditions immediately after a little downpour heightens the danger of accidents and injuries. This is because of the oil, sand, and other fluids which when mixed with rainwater creates a slippery sludge.

Having only two wheels as compared to the standard car tyres, bikers have smaller contact patches which eventually increases the stopping distance and less maneuverability in such situations. Drive carefully in bad weather and follow a safe distance with motorcyclists.