how to keep dust out of your house

12 Ways To Keep Dust Out of Your House

Are you looking for ways to reduce dust in your home?

You might sneeze away with watery eyes or wheeze in your home. These are the simple indications of dust allergy.

In terms of the aesthetics of your home too, dust may build up in the corners and filmy layers of grit might surface on your furniture making your home look bad.

There are several ways in which you can remove the dust from your home. The best way to eliminate dust from home is by daily vacuuming with a good quality vacuum cleaner.

Today we have brought for you 12 ways in which you can effectively reduce the dust build up in your home.

1. Change your bedding daily

A bed is the place where there is a collection of skin flakes and dust that should be effectively cleaned.

Indulge into weekly cleaning them and washing your bed sheets and pillowcases is an easy way to prevent dust build up. You can also get the pillows dry cleaned or you can even wash them yourself.

Make sure that after you wake up each day settle your bed and dust away the dirt that might have been collected.

2. Reduce dust by vacuuming daily with vacuum cleaner disposal

Especially within the high traffic areas like the hallways and the living room, have vacuum cleaner disposals to vacuum your house that helps to suck up all the dust that has built up.

The compact vacuum cleaners are highly efficient with their operation through the HEPA filters. These filters are designed specifically to remove 99.9% of the dust, pet danders and bacteria. You need to be a lot serious while removing the dust from your home.

3. Sweep floors to prevent dust build-up

There are spaces around your home that do not require vacuuming. All you need is to use a broom and a dustpan for sweeping the floors.

You should also know that there are vacuum cleaners in the market too to clean the wet floors as they have washable vacuum filter with them.

If you are sweeping then don’t forget to wash your dustpan and brush every few months and before storing them air-dry them.

4. Mopping the floors

You might even have missed some places while sweeping, so make use of a wet mop. Avoid letting the dust stay there so clean it immediately.

5. Use dehumidifier to prevent dust

This is one of the best ways to help dust mite control as a dehumidifier will help to reduce the levels of humidity in the home.

When you check with the market you will be surprised by the number of dehumidifiers present there.

6. Beating the cushions and the rugs

The Living room is also the place where dust can build up easily. Start to beat the cushions and the rugs by using a broom handle or a carpet beater. Continue beating them until you see that there is no dust flying anymore.

7. Prevention of dust for the pet owners

For pet owners, it is important that they brush their pets regularly, so keep an eye on the pet fur and dander.

You can remove the pet hair and dander is long a brush but the most effective way of removing them is by using the automatic filter cleaning system vacuum cleaner.

8. Using a microfiber cloth to reduce the dust

Microfiber cloth can be used on all the surface of your furniture and surfaces once you grab the microfiber cloth.

They make the dusting a lighter work as these clothes have more fibers that are able to attach themselves even to the minute of dust.

9. Reducing dust by using air purifiers

Use an air purifier to reduce the dust particles and store them closer to the windows. The airborne contaminants will be prevented to enter in and circulate themselves throughout the room.

10. Preventing dust by cleaning the air ducts and vents

A layer of dust, dirt, and grime will all be built up through the dirty air vents. To improve the ventilation, clean them well.

11. Prevention of dust in the kids’ room

You need to learn how to reduce dust in the room of your kids if they are sensitive to dust.

Buy toys those that are washable or made up of wood, rubber or plastic and store them in boxes that are big and that prevents dust from entering.

12. Preventing dust in the wardrobe

To prevent dust to enter into the wardrobe you need to store the clothes, bags, and other items that you are not using in plastic containers or cloth bags.

Remove the unwanted clothes that you no longer wear to make sure that there is enough room for your essentials to breath.

These are some of the tips that will help you a lot to prevent dust build up in your home.