Kedarkantha Trek: Perfect Place to Spend Your Vacations

What could be more pleasant than spending your vacation in the lap of nature, with Mountains as high as the sky around you, like your protectors, with the white-gold-like-snow at your feet and the aroma of the freshest air for you to breathe.

Suddenly, life starts making sense, everything seems simple and your thoughts are in line. no, my friend, this is not a dream, it is the Kedarkantha Trek.

Details and information about Kedarkantha

Situated in the Western Garhwal district of the Uttarkashi, it is at a height of 12,500 ft. The place is best visited in the winter season, from November to April as the snow falls in abundance, enough to beautify the place and also enough to not cause any problem. 

The Kedarkantha trek can not be misunderstood for an easy one, but a moderately difficult one. Beginners and professionals both can enjoy with every step they take here, but with being physically and mentally fit and sound. Because of being at a high altitude, having good stamina and strength is a requisite.

The trek is stretched with 20 km of beauty and takes 5 days to complete. It begins at the Sankari village and takes the trekkers through Juda ka Taal, Kedarkantha Base camp, Kedarkantha summit, Hargaon, and back to Sankari. 

For the first-timers, it might be a little tiring and rigorous, but not unattainable. and Once reaching the top, the view makes one forget all the tiredness and lose themselves in the appealing scenery.

Natural beauty

The white expanse of the place seems as if the snow is pouring straight from heaven. The bounteous snowfall that covers the place is one reason why this place should top the vacation to-do list.

The place offers stunning views of the mountain ranges all along the trek, how amazing would a walk with the mountains feel. The place is filled with an amazing species of flora and fauna which will be encountered at different points in the trek. 


Along the Kedarkantha trek, comes the place known as Juda ka Talab, where the creator of the cosmos, Lord Shiva himself meditated. It is believed that he opened a lock of his hair and the lake was formed by the water dripping from it, how aesthetic! The lake is mirror-like, clean and stilled and looks extremely peaceful, making you not want to leave the place.

The trek towards the Kedarkantha base camp offers arresting views of the Majestic Himalayan peaks of the  Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag, and Ranglana, which will send chills down to your spine for its breathtaking beauty. Sunsets follow the legacy of being utterly pleasing and glamourous.

Sunsets even from our own homes look so beautiful, so just imagine what magic the celestial body would play here. The colors from pink to orange will be thrown in the sky while surrounded by all-white mountains, even imagining would take one into a different world.

Nobody would like to wake up early on vacations, but not when you are about to see an irresistible sunrise, coming out of the mountain ranges of Yamunotri and Gangotri and Kinner Kailash. The sceneries we used to paint in our drawing books will be alive in their most stunning way.

From the grey-black clouds swarming over the mountain ranges, will come the innocent yellow rays of the sun. How Majestic! The scene is so inspiring and optimistic that it could change one’s perspective about life.

The dense and opaque forests that come along the way would give you an amazing glimpse of flora and fauna at the place. The forests are preserved here, away from all the manly developments and pure in its form, very less traveled and only by the nearby villagers.


It’s time to live the wallpapers on your desktops. The surreal beauty of this place keeps on increasing with every step and is something every eye and soul should feel. Let your vacation be one filled with the most peaceful and splendid moments. It’s time to decide your poses, pack your bags, empty your storage and get your soul ready to enter paradise on Earth.