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What Are Important Things to do Before Leaving RV In Storage

Once you have decided where to store your Recreational Vehicle (RV), there are so many important things to do before leaving your RV in storage space. All these things will help to ensure that your RV will stay in good condition in the storage unit. Let’s find out the important tips that will help to keep your RV in top condition:

1. Cover Your RV Properly

The RV cover will keep your home-on-wheels safe and secure. It is very important when the storage space is open. This cover will protect your While RV from various adverse atmospheric conditions like rain, snow, and harmful UV rays of the sun. While choosing the cover for your RV, you should make sure that it is the right fit and protect your vehicle from rubbing.

No matter, whether you are living in a good climatic region or living in a region with adverse weather conditions, the RV cover will ensure high protection to your vehicle from unwanted damage. The boat storage Mobile offer covered storage space where your RV will remain safe and secure.

2. Keep Tires Covered

Just like the body of the RV, tired also undergo wear and tear when you store the RV in an open storage space. As the RV is not travelling down the roads, therefore, the sunray can lead to dry rot and result in the weakening of tires. It is a good idea to place the tire cover on every tire to increase the lifespan of the tires and you can ensure a safe journey.

3. Empty Camper And Clean It

You should keep the appliances and plates clean in your RV before sending them to the storage unit. You may do not want to leave the leftover in the RV when you are sending it for storage. Leftover will start rotting and make your RV smelly and stinky messy. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean the RV before sending it for storage.

Also, you should not forget to drain the water from the tanks. It is very important before moving your recreation vehicle to the storage unit. Flushing your tanks is necessary to prevent your RV from bad odor. At RV storage mobile, the professionals will give you all these instructions before storing the RV in the storage space.

4. Keep Cabinets Open

Once you have parked your RV in the storage space, then it does not mean that your job is over. You should head inside your recreation vehicle and open up all the cabinets so that the fresh air can circulate properly.

By keeping your cabinets closed, you will give an invitation to condensation and mould growth. By opening your cabinets, you can also recheck whether your cabinet is empty or you have left something that can start rotting.

5. Place Desiccants Around RV Interior

When it comes to keeping moisture and condensation away from your RV, then you should consider desiccants. By placing a few packets of desiccants inside your RV where there is a high probability of moisture, you can reduce the chances of mould growth. With this, you can keep your interior fresh rather than musty.  

6. Deter Pests By Removing Food Scraps

We have already explained that you should thoroughly clean your RV. You should not leave even a small crumb of food inside your RV. Critters can easily find the food crumbs. Non-perishable and dry items can cause this problem. When you will come back and take your RV on a trip, then you will find that rodents have created their home inside the vehicle.

Even if you get rid of all food, even then the rodents can enter your RV. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a multi-kill electronic mouse trap. These electronic units can easily trap the mouse and save your RV from a lot of damage. Also, invest in a vacuum cleaner to properly clear the messes which can attract ants or rodents.

7. Winterize RV if Necessary

If you are living in a place where the temperature goes below the freezing level, then it is important to winterize your recreational vehicle. Usually, the RV owners prefer to purchase antifreeze for winterizing RV. Well, there are other options also available. For instance, you can blow out the line with the help of the air compressor, remove the liquid from the water lines.

If you will fail to winterize your RV, then it will lead to crack in the water lines during the freezing cold winter season. During the winterizing, you should not forget to drain the water heater. You can also take the help of professionals for winterizing RV. They can also give you some necessary tips for winterizing your RV.

It is recommended to choose a reputable RV storage space provider like RV storage Spanish so that you get all the necessary tips to ensure the safety of your vehicle.