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Importance of Replacing Carpets due to Water Damage

Carpet is believed to be a great flooring option for several reasons. Just like vinyl or tiles, you cannot mop your flooded carpet and so, hiring a professional means he will do a thorough cleaning or remove carpet that has been damaged due to water. Read on to know whether you need to clean or replace a flooded carpet.

  • Water flow on the carpet – The major thing to consider is the amount of water flowing on the carpet. The more water being soaked in the carpet, sub-flooring, and carpet pad, the more difficult it is going to be for a professional to clean the carpet. It might be quite difficult for a homeowner to know if the water is significant enough to replace the carpet though the carpet cleaner knows what should be done.
  • Time period – Another factor is the time needed for water to sit on your carpet. Thus, the longer the water remains, the worse it will be for the carpet. The cleaning method must start within 48 hours after water damage or else you will have to purchase a new carpet. 
  • Source of water – Different sources of water are what you should consider at the time of deciding between cleaning or replacing the carpet. If water damage occurs due to backflow of water, sewage-contaminated water or floodwater, make sure you get rid of the carpet immediately. Otherwise, the damage that occurs through potable water might not require any replacement.
  • Condition of the carpet – The condition of your carpet is something to consider when replacing or flooding carpet cleaning. If your carpet is outdated, then it makes no sense to try to save it. Rather, you should think of getting it replaced with a new carpet and for this, you may take the help of the best carpet cleaning expert in London. Thus, your carpet will look good and at the same time, it is quite inexpensive than hiring a professional for your cleaning needs.

Reasons you need to act quickly

When you wait for a long time to schedule a flooded carpet, it is a big mistake in your life. Let us discuss some reasons you should hire a professional to deal with damaged carpet soon.

  • Health-related problems – Mildew and mold growth usually follow through with water damage, particularly when water sits under the carpeting for some time. Mold can become a serious health hazard, particularly for the ones who have pre-existing respiratory conditions. You really need to act quickly for cleaning or replacing the carpet and avoid any health problems.
  • Worsen the damage – Water will not damage the carpet but rather, seeps down into the flooring and subflooring. It is advised to call a carpet cleaner once you find the damage to avoid the situation from getting worse. A professional cleaner will dry the area or remove carpeting in order to ensure there is no rotting or other long-term damage.

Different carpet cleaning companies can help with water-damaged carpets and they guarantee to make your house look, feel and smell good and new after they finish working on the carpet. Any kind of water damage should be addressed soon so that the experts at Ryan Carpet Cleaning can help you in getting the work done efficiently.