How to Pass the Behavioral Based Amazon Questions

During the time of the Amazon interview, the candidates have to go through various rounds of interviews and they have to answer different types of questions. The interviewer at Amazon will ask behavioral-based questions. These questions are based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

It is recommended that you should use STAR-based technology to crack this round of interviews. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the star-based technique or amazon star interview and how to use it to crack Amazon interview:


The STAR-based method is a structured technique in which we have to answer behavioral interview questions. Usually, the behavioral interview questions start with “Give me an example….” Or “Tell me about the time….”

You have to answer the behavioral questions on the basis of your past experience. On the basis of your answer, the Amazon interviewers will predict how you are going to perform in the future. The past experiences and actions taken by you will let the interviewer deduce how you are going to perform in the future. Some of the examples of behavioral-based interview questions or amazon star interview questions are described below:

  • Customer Obsession

Tell me about the time when you helped your customers to get through the difficult process and how it looks like.

  • Frugality

Give me an example of the time when you have found a clever solution to reduce company expenses and increase their profit.  

Definition Of Star Method 

STAR is an abbreviation of Situation, Task, Action, and Results.

  • Situation- What kind of situations faced by you and your previous employers?
  • Task- What kind of tasks were involved in your previous job?  
  • Action- What were the necessary actions taken by you?
  • Results- What kinds of results were observed after taking the necessary actions?

Here, we are going to explain the STAR method with an example:

Imagine that interview asked you a question about how you have managed the dispute between customers and business. You just need to recall a situation related to customer and business disputes in the past company.

Here, I am going to discuss an example of the star interview technique on amazon in which the dispute was raised due to not getting a reply from the sales team of my past company.

  • Situation: A customer had complained because of getting no reply from the sales department side for more than two weeks. The query was related to the product which he has ordered 2 weeks ago.
  • Task: As a product manager I was responsible to resolve this issue. I immediately started looking out for different ways to address the query of the client immediately. I started searching for the main cause of this failure.
  • Activity: First of all, I apologized and after that, I started collecting the details. I passed on the collected details to the head salesperson who contacted the client. I started finding the reason for the unanswered query and got to know that the combination of the email address and mobile number was wrong. Then I immediately informed the client regarding this problem and also offered a goodwill discount on his next order.
  • Result: That client continued placing an order from our website and also posted a good customer service review on our website.

This was an example of the STAR method and you have to use the same technique to answer the behavioral questions asked by the interviewer.

Why Should You Use STAR Method? 

You should use the STAR Method for answering the behavioral-based questions in the Amazon interview. This method will help to make sure that your stories are satisfying and perfect. The time of the interviewee and interviewer is precious. Therefore, you should waste it by telling length stories that are not appropriate and interviewees not able to deduce what you are trying to say.

Amazon does not want to miss good candidates because you had trouble explaining. Thus, you should use the amazon star interview technique to explain your story. This method will make sure that you do not miss a good opportunity.

Important Steps To Take Before Interview 

It is recommended that you should recall one story for each Amazon Leadership Principles. But, this idea fails when the interviewer asks more than one question based on one Amazon Leadership principle.

Another best way to make sure that you properly answer the amazon behavioral interview questions during the Amazon interview is to prepare few numbers of stories that you can alter and use to answer the behavioral-based question on any Amazon leadership principle.

You should format your story by using star interview questions in such a way that the interviewer gets to know the end results. Also, they can easily deduce what kind of skills you have. You should practice your stories with your partner to make sure that you can phrase the story properly.