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Top 5 Places to Choose for Holi Tours in India



Holi festival is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India. Also, known as the festival of colors, Holi festival is celebrated on the Phalgun Purnima which usually falls in the month of March in India.

It is also said that Holi is the second most widely celebrated festival in India after Diwali and it attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world.

This incredible festival is a sign of victory of good over evil and there are so many mythological stories behind this colorful festival. So, there are huge opportunities for you to celebrate this festival and know about the unique Indian culture by taking Holi Tour Packages in India.

Today I have mentioned my experience of different best places that you can choose for your Holi Tour Packages.

1. Mathura and Vrindavan

Mathura and Vrindavan holi

Mathura and Vrindavan are two extremely famous places to see the best celebration of the Holi festival in the whole country. Mathura is known as the birth-place of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan is the place where he spent his childhood.
The tradition of the Holi celebration in Mathura and Vrindavan oriented from the Leela of Lord Krishna and his loved Radha. Holi is a week-long celebration in these regions and many of renowned shows and musical performances can be seen the gorgeous temples such as Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan and Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura

2. Goa

Goa holi celebration

Goa is another best destination to choose for your Holi tour packages in India. Holi festival in Goa is also known as Shigmo which is celebrated with loads of fervor by the people of Goa.

Being the 5-day long festival, Holi is celebrated here with numerous forms of parades and cultural dramas. On the last day of this festival, people play with colored powders by throwing them on each other’s faces.

Holi parties are the main attractions to see in Goa where people gather in large numbers, dance on loud music, play with colors, and greets everyone they meet.

3. Barsana

Barsana holi

Barsana is famous for its unique type of Holi celebration which is called Lathmar Holi. Usually, at this festival, women of Barsana beat their husbands with Lathis (wood sticks) in friendly banter and men come with a Dhal (Shield) to prevent themselves from their wives.

This is another tradition of Holi came from the Leela of Radha and Krishna.
This two-day celebration of Holi is filled with numerous unique experiences that make Barsana one of the best places to choose for Holi tours in India. You can head to Radha Rani Temple is you want to enjoy every moment of this unique celebration.

4. Delhi

Delhi holi festival

The capital city of India: Delhi isn’t a long way behind on the list of best places to choose for Holi festival tours in India. The multi-ethnic city celebrates Holi in a unique sense of modernity.

On the eve of Holi, a huge bonfire is lit where individuals commend the triumph of good over evil. Next day people play with natural-colored powders. Stunning gatherings, music, DJs, Bhang and so forth that flavor up the celebrations.

There are numerous Holi parties composed to add some memorable moments in the festivity. The Holi Moo Festival is one of the prominent occasion which is celebrated with natural colors, music, and franticness with in excess of 40 Indian and worldwide entertainers. Parties with non-harmful colors, drinks, delicious sweets, and sprinklers.

5. Jaipur and Udaipur

Jaipur and Udaipur holi celebration

Holi festival also has a unique tradition of celebration in the Royal State of India: Rajasthan. This two-day festivity comes with Holika Dahan which is celebrated by the Royal families of the Mewar Dynasty at Udaipur City Palace. On the next morning, the celebration of Holi with colors is played throughout the streets of Udaipur and Jaipur.

Jaipur also held an animal’s parade on this day that includes decorated elephants, camels, horses, and traditional folk dances throughout the major streets of the city.

So this is our list of 5 best places where you can enjoy the major celebration of this festival during your Holi Tours in India. All these places have their own cultural ways and tradition to celebrate this festival and I am sure that, going to these places and taking part in these unique celebrations will make you fall in love with Indian culture. If you liked some of these places then share your experience in the comment section below.

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5 Best Indian Restaurants to Eat in USA



Indian restaurant

India is popular for its custom and delightful nourishment things in the entire world There are numerous Indian eateries that give the world heavenly and zesty nourishment things. This eatery isn’t well known uniquely in India yet in addition famous in the USA. What’s more, there are many best places in the USA which give Indian nourishment as indicated by Indian conventions. Here we notice the best Indian café in the USA.

Image result for Best Indian Restaurants in the USA Feel like India

In the event that you are intending to visit the USA and you would prefer not to miss India Spicy nourishment at that point don’t stress over their number of various eateries in the USA which offer you Indian nourishment. You are allowed to pick your best eatery and test. As indicated by Worli Singh’s experience that state Indian nourishment is one of the quickly developing regions in the culinary scene. Furthermore, in 2011 they commend the Worli Food celebration to grandstand Indian dishes, culinary experts and eateries. If you need ticket booking JetBlue Airlines Reservations tickets to eat some local sweet treats in agreeable bistros and meet some new people.

At the point when you search the best Indian Restaurants. A picture comes in your brain with White tablecloth cafés with rich chicken masala, piles of the alcoholic nuns, or two samosas. Here is the rundown of some eatery which gives heavenly dishes like dosa, a crepe produced using rice and lentils to Indo. Also, remember to visit the best national stops in the USA.

Badmaash, Los Angeles

It is extraordinary compared to other Indian cafés in the USA for Hindi and Urdu. Badmaash is well known for its devilish South Indian dish. It is enlivened with Gandhi’s pop craftsmanship style in weffer Sunglasses and the old Bollywood film banners this everything is taken customary Indian works of art and given a smidgen of nature.


Dahi poori, Coconut Curry Mussels, well known Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka Poutine, South Indian “Fish Molee” Chickpea and Chips, whipped yogurt tamarind, and mint chutney, firm semolina puffs loaded down with chickpeas, Punjabi Fish-Fry, Indian Pickles, Butter Chicken, Broccoli Tandoori, Badmaash Fried Chicken. What’s more, Chili Cheese Naan, Homestyle Punjabi ‘Sabzi’, Butter Chicken, Punjabi Chickpeas, dal makhani, Good Ol’ Saag Paneer, Ghost Chili Lamb Vindaloo, Goan Pork Curry.

Area: Los Angeles, California

Opening days: Monday to Sunday 

Opening times: From Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 3 pm and 5:30 to 10 pm. What’s more, from Saturday to 12 to 3 pm and 5 pm to 12 a

Cumin, Chicago

Cumin is best for those individuals who need to deal with their business outside of their area while chance chicken Tikka Masala and firm vegetables or your top picks Samosas. It serves Indian and Nepali both scrumptious dishes.

Two Nepalese siblings Rajesh and Sanjeev run Cumin situated in the Wicker Park neighborhood comfort. Cumin is additionally well known in the USA for Indian eateries for its extraordinary Indian tasty nourishments. Individuals can bring sheep keema samosas and chicken conveys it additionally offer eat in, take-out, conveyance, lunch smorgasbord and providing food.


Vegetable Dum, Gulaab Jamun, Paneer Tikka Masala, Lamb Keema Samosa, Cumin Peas Rice, Chicken Makhani, Naan, Vegetable Samosa, Chicken Tikka masala, chicken Tandoori, Chicken Vindaloo, Palungo Ko Saag, Bhuteko Cauli, Lamb Madras, Basmati Rice, Garlic Naan, Palak Paneer, Chicken Momo, Mint-Cucumber Raita.

Areas: Chicago, Illinois.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday 

Opening times: On Monday its open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm and from Thursday to Sunday it open from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm.

Indian Accent, New York

Indian Accent is a No.1 eatery in New York where individuals can get the best Indian nourishment things and it was opened in 2016 with Helm Manish Mehrotra. Indian Accentis Award-winning new Delhi eatery. Kema is a cut-up or granulate dish that goes ahead of the table with little bun for scooping and relied on probably the best café.

For the most part, the dish is made with soy disintegrate which is transformed into welkin creature protein. All scrumptious dish accompanies astounding basic plating, that disregards the margarine flatbread since it is loaded up with smoked bacon, spread chicken and morel mushrooms.


Brownie, Cocktails, Sangria, Scallops, Butter Chicken Kulcha, Chicken malai tikka with green bean stew cream, keema with soy instead of minced meat, summer truffle, sugar snap peas, presented with the quail egg and lime leaf spread Pao, Chicken Keema, Naan, heated beet, masala nutty spread, goat curd, Kashmiri morel historical center, parmesan papad, chicken Khurchan Phulka taco, methi murgh cornet, fresh fenugreek leaves, chicken meatballs, truffle margarine.

Area: New York

Opening days: Monday to Sunday

Opening times: 12 am to 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

August 1 Five, San Francisco

This is another and current Indian eatery situated in San Francisco. Furthermore, its name August 1 as a result of the date of india freedom from British. August 1 give the best eating experience that associates customary Indian food with a flawlessly outfitted lounge area.

Here individuals can arrange Indian flavors and herbs in your menu like a worldwide wine list that is reasonable for various kinds of flavors on your plate.


Spiced seared chicken, yogurt, French Toast with berries, buttermilk, bean stew jaggery margarine, occasional vegetables, mung beans, blood orange syrup, white chocolate, and rice crepe, tomato chutney, dosa waffle, Poori Aloo with potato stew, singed lentil bread, singed onion, raita, Lamb Biryani with saffron, basmati rice, flavor mix, squeezed orange and pizzazz Key Lime Pancake with spread residue, coconut.

Area: San Francisco, California

Opening days: Sunday To Saturday.

Opening times: On Sunday and Monday it open from 10:30 to 2:00 pm and 5:00 to 9:30 pm.

Punjabi Dhaba, Cambridge

A Dhaba is exceptionally mainstream in India in view of Indian truck drivers. Be that as it may, Do you know Dhaba is likewise the primary spot in Curry slope? Indeed, this is genuine Dhaba is a spot in Cambridge which is additionally well known for the best Indian cafés. The rose slope neighborhood of manhattan is found fro a lot of names in South Asian cafés. In the event that you need to get the best Indian menu experience Dhaba is best for you here, individuals can get veggie lover dishes and vegan suppers.


Chicken, Chana Masala, Dal Makhni, Dal Tadka, Rajma, Lamb (curry, Masala, Madras sauce), Tandoori Chicken with Marinated Chicken with flavors and yogurt, zesty, Mix Veg, Aloo Gobi, Saag, Paneer(Palak, Matar, Shahi, Butter, Karahi, Tikka Masala), Malai Kofta, rice (Plain, Fried, Chicken Biryani), Samosa Per piece, Samosa Plate, Aloo Tikki Plate, Chicken Pakora, Egg Pakora, Gol Gappe, Chloe Bhature, Tandoori Breads, Plain Naan, Garlic Naan, Paneer Naan, Chapati, Tandoori Roti, a few drinks like Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Fanta, Sprite, Indian Mango Juice 1L, Carlsberg 500ml, Indian Lassi.

Area: Cambridge, MA

Opening time: 24×7


All the above eateries that serve their own conventional Indian dishes with a portion of their unique contorts on them. In all the given eateries’ Indian nourishment rocks with a various assortment from chicken tikkas to pakoras.

Individuals are allowed to pick the best Indian cafés in the USA as per their requirements, to their test, intrigue, and solace. Individuals can likewise book their tables in all the above eateries for a date.

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How to Plan Triund Trek With Camping in Himachal Pradesh




Himachal Pradesh consistently thinks of the best of nature. There are a ton of goals which you can investigate and go through some greatest days. What’s more, here is one all the more intriguing thing about Himachal, it additionally makes them energize trekking experiences that will knock your socks off.

All You Need to Know About Triund Trek Himachal

The most well known and swarm pulling place in Himachal Pradesh is Triund. Broadly known as “the crown gem of Dharamshala”. Triund is an acclaimed trekking goal which is simple and appropriate for amateurs.

Triund is roosted at a rise of 10,632ft above ocean level in the laps of the Dhauladhar scopes of the Himalayas. Triund is a 9km trek which begins from the acclaimed slope station Mcleodganj.

One can without much of a stretch spread this trek in 4-5 hours. Galu Devi sanctuary and Dharamkot town are the two beginning stages close Mcleodganj where you can undoubtedly reach by taxi.

The trek will take you through forests of rhododendrons, oaks, and deodar, extraordinary greenery and fauna, rich knolls, rough ways, alongside the snow-topped mountains. Triund is a simple trek and can be secured by everybody.

It tends to be extreme for certain amateurs who are new to the trail. The trail has a couple of soak moves at last and sharp 22 bends. Triund is likewise known for its 22 tiring bends. It is encouraged to take sufficient breaks at little restaurants and keep yourself hydrated.

In the wake of arriving at the Triund top, you will be stunned by the beguiling perspectives on the Dhauladhars and the charming Kangra valley. Witness the entrancing nightfall from the top and lost in the tranquility of the environment.

Catch the beautiful magnificence in your camera and invest some energy with nature. Outdoors at Triund will be another extraordinary action you can do.

Triund is open all round the year. Summers and winters both are ideal to visit Triund. April to June is ideal to observe the excellence and see the blooms of lavish glades and timberlands.

The climate stays lovely with a gleaming sun. in the long stretches of July and August, Triund gets overwhelming precipitation showers however the magnificence you will see the green and blossoming excellence of nature.

In winter months, from October to February, Triund transforms into a heaven for trekkers. Experience snowfall with the glorious perspective on the Dhauladhars.

A ton of experienced trekkers investigate further treks to Triund like Kareri Lake, Lahesh caverns, Indrahar Pass, and the sky is the limit from there.

How to reach Triund?

Triund is a mainstream trek close to Delhi. It is an ideal end of the week escape. There are a great deal of transportation offices accessible from Delhi to Dharamshala.

By Bus: Take an immediate transport from ISBT, Kashmere Gate, Delhi to Mcleodganj which is 500km and take 10-12 hours to reach.

Via Train: Pathankot is the closest railhead to Mcleodganj. Take an immediate train from Delhi and reach Dharamshala. At that point take a transport or navigate to reach Mcleodganj.

Via Air: The Gaggal or Kangra Airport is the closest one to Triund. Delhi is well-associated with the Kangra air terminal. Take a transport or maneuver to reach Mcleodganj.

Fundamentals to convey:

  • Coats and sweaters
  • Rucksack
  • Medical aid unit
  • Light and electric lamps
  • Water bottle
  • Tidbits
  • Sunscreen
  • Shades
  • Creams
  • Trekking post
  • Trekking shoes
  • Camera ( if necessary)
  • Basic toiletries
  • Shirts
  • Pants

Stunning close by attractions:

  • Tibetan Institute of expressions
  • Bhagsu cascades
  • The Namgyal statue
  • Shiva bistro

Some broad updates:

  • Try not to litter. Keep the environment spotless and green.
  • Pick a decent visit administrator for the trek.
  • Continuously trek with an affirmed and experienced trek pioneer.
  • Try not to meander alone.
  • Continuously convey a water container and helpful snacks in your sack.
  • Convey least weight and travel with as little luggage as possible.
  • Try not to devour liquor or medications while trekking.
  • Be protected and take all the trekking gears with you.

Triund is a stunning trek with heaps of fun and experience. The spot is impeccable to visit with companions, family, and friends and family. The strange excellence of the Himalayas will astound you. Plan your weekend from now outing and make it vital.

Live. Travel. Investigate!!

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Timeless Dress of Morocco: There’s Nothing like A Caftan




“Women don’t dress to impress guys. They dress to impress each other!”

And that’s the rule number 1 in any girl’s journals of rules. I mean, yes we love to send strong impressions but it’s always your friends before the guys and well guys are always secondary (in such case). We love to play dress up for every little occasion to come by. Doesn’t matter if you have this classy air around you or a gothic look in the first place, still, anything that matters is most how you see yourself. 

With time you realize how much life can change and how much can be offered to you once you actually start living it.

So dress how you want to be addressed not how people expect you to.

Each country has their own certain style, relative to their culture and traditions. The moral values, norms, traditions, and culture are represented in the clothes people wear, and certainly, each factor plays an important role.

If you are a traveler you would know, the fabrication of culture in a dress. How people dress, why they dress the way they do and what does it represent?

Certainly visiting Morocco gave me insight into what and how people see it.

Is a country full of vast cultures and traditions is bound to be conservative right? Well to some extent that might be right but not necessarily. Only if you get to go on the Cheap Morocco holidays you will know the true extent of the country’s platform.

What to Wear in Morocco?

That’s a tough call to answer, but it’s not as hard as some might depict. Being in Africa (although in the north) the country faces hot summers and mild to cold winters. Typically, you will want a light jacket in summer if you are heading north to the mountains but during the day time, a light summer dress or loose shirts with losing pants is a good option to go with.

For men, I would suggest some easy-going polo or t-shirts with khakis. Well, you can wear shorts either but its better if you don’t for two major reasons:

  1. It would scream you are a tourist
  2. The culture demands that legs need to be covered, for adults at least

So you see you can wear jeans or t-shirts or dress shirts (for something formal) and you are good to go.

And as for the kids they are not that noticeable as adults usually are so they have the free reign (well lucky them) but make sure to cover their heads with a large sun hat or a p-cap for boys if you plan to stroll around during day time you are going to read it for the kids, as a safety precaution against the day’s heat.

From Traditional Dress Gear to Fashion Icon

As I was telling you people, how each country has its own form of clothing and culture is displayed in such terms. The traditional clothing for women is caftan.

Quite singular in look and yet having a certain variety, this wardrobe style has spread throughout other nations as well. And among celebrities, it’s been in style for a long time. And let’s just be honest its modest yet comfortable form of thread pieced together for the wearing.

Did you know it dates back to 5000 years to the time of Mesopotamian and came into the era of Greco-Roman times as well??

Technically it was a French courtier who conjured the art of caftan trimming it with fur, baubles, and tussles and that’s how its imitation began to work around different corners of the world.

Briefly, during the’70s the trend of sophisticated caftan became splendidly known among famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie, The Kardashians and such but the ankle-grazing dress has always been a wild art of fashion.

The Moroccan caftan comes in many varieties, from simple wear to formal wear and particularly as bridal wear it can still be worn at parties too.

Even when Hilary Clinton was on her official tour to Morocco wore a traditional caftan, respecting one’s culture always is in a good mindset for diplomatic situations.

The traditional caftans are easily available in the souks and other trendy boutiques as well. Offered in different varieties of fabric (from cotton to silk or chafaun) and from simple to fancy (as fancy as a wedding gown) these are available easily.

Is it Worn Only by Women?

Well yes, it originally originated for the women back in the old days, but only for the elite.

Although djellabas are quite similar to caftans too there are two differences you ought to observe

  1. Djellabas are worn by men
  2. They have a hood as well

So you see the difference now between the two? So there’s no need to get confused by it either. Men’s djellabas are often stripped in design or can be in plain colors with or without a hood. Some can be even as fancy as a groom’s dress.

Isn’t it intriguing how culture can be represented in what people are wearing? It true in actual it’s the people who are a true representation of a country.

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