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8 Tips to Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy

Good oral hygiene is essential to maintain the proper health of gums and teeth. It includes a number of activities and some of them are daily brushing and regular dental check up done by the professional.

But oral health is not limited to the gum disease and cavities. Several successful researches have proved that dental health and overall health are interlinked with each other.

If any oral problem left unaddressed for a long time then it may lead to tooth loss, low self-esteem and pain. These can be prevented by practicing right oral care at your home and getting appropriate Croydon dental services. Some best ways to keep your gums and teeth healthy are mentioned in the following:

1. Brush regularly not aggressively

A majority of people know that brushing twice a day is really helpful for the maintaining your dental health as it removes bacteria and plaque effectively. However, it is must be done in proper way in circular motions to both back and front side of the teeth.

Brushing must be done with the help of soft-bristled toothbrush for 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, you may have to suffer from a number of oral problems such as gum erosion, damage of enamel, tooth sensitivity and much more.

2. Use fluoride

Fluoride is naturally obtained from the important element of the earth’s soil known as fluorine. As per the reputed dental experts, it prevents your teeth from cavities and is widely found in most of the mouthwashes. There are certain toothpastes and mouthwashes which do not contain this ingredient.

Some instances can also be seen which prove that it is the prime cause of occurrence of tooth decay. Some state only brushing and flossing at a regular basis cannot protect your teeth from cavities. As per the dental experts, it is recommended not to use mineral water as RO (Reverse Osmosis) eliminates the fluoride from it. One must check the fluoride level before using any bottled water.     

3. Floss everyday at least once

Both bacteria and plaque can be removed completely with the help of regular flossing. It is so; because it can easily reach the areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. It is really helpful as it can remove trapped food and other debris within the teeth.

Flossing improves the overall oral condition and is really beneficial in the long run. However, during flossing you are advised not to snap with the flosser up and down of your teeth and gum line. It will not only cause pain but also can’t remove the plaque entirely.

4. Visit your dentist at a regular interval of time

In accordance with the popular dental experts, every people must undergo dental checkup in Croydon at a fixed interval of 6 months. At the time of routine dental check up, a hygienist cleans your teeth to remove hardened tartar and plaque respectively.

Also your dentist will check for the trace of any oral complications including mouth cancer, gum disease and cavities. For complete examination, dental X-rays may be performed at the same time to detect the early signs of any infection in your mouth.

A recent study reveals that adolescents and kids must undergo dental check up once in every six month to stay protected from dental cavities.

The adults who practice good and proper oral hygiene are less prone to any kind of oral complications. Often most dental patients ask the dentist the frequency they should undergo regular dental check up.

Basically, the answer to this question depends on the basis of the patient’s overall oral health, age, pre-existing medical complication and medical history.

But, if you experience any other kind of changes or strange things in your mouth, then you mustn’t waste your time and visit your dentist as soon as possible on booking an appointment.     

5. Abstain yourself from smoking

Smoking directly affects the immunes system of the human body and as a result, it becomes very tough to heal the tissues especially which are there in your mouth.

Smoking is considered as the potential risk factor for the emergence of gum disease which is why it is suggested to alleviate smoking post-dental procedure. It also affects the mouth appearance associated with bad breath and yellow staining of teeth and tongue.

6. Use a mouthwash daily

As per a number of studies, several mouthwashes are beneficial for your oral health. Most of the mouthwashes contain the main antibacterial ingredient- chlorhexidine that plays a vital role in controlling gingivitis and plaque. Several essential oils can be found in some of them too which also improve the oral health efficiently.

But, before selecting anyone for yourself, it is highly recommended to consult with your dentist to know which one is suitable for you! You may look for any mouthwash which deals with dental problems and bad breath at the same time.  

7. Limit the consumption of starches and sugary food items

Consuming high amount of sugar can cause cavities. As per the research, sugary items affect the overall health condition including dental health adversely. Amongst a number of food items desserts and candies are main common culprits. Even several processed food items can be found which are high in sugar.

According to WHO, sugar intake must be lowered than 10% of the daily calories intake. Otherwise, you cannot avoid the frequent emergence of dental problems and dental cavities. Starchy food stuffs like pasta, chips, breads and crackers are also responsible for declining the dental health.

While subjecting to natural saliva, it breaks down into simple sugar which progressively leads to tooth decay. Consumption of dairy products and fibre-rich fruits are highly advised instead of starchy foods.

8. Drink plenty of water instead any drinks

Sugary-sweetened beverages are typically high in sugar. Drinking or sipping such drinks including juice and soda can lead the chances of cavities in your mouth. As per the top experts, it is highly recommended to have unsweetened tea or plain water instead of juices and other savoury drinks during meal time.

If you still want to drink any limit the amount in small quantity so that it cannot create severe effect on your dental health.

Practicing daily proper dental care from your initial days to adulthood will help you to keep a healthy oral hygiene. Quit smoking, daily flossing and brushing and visiting recommended dentist in Croydon at Smile 4 U Dental Practice on time will prevent your oral health from dental and gum infections. It will also improve your overall health at the same time.