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6 Key Features Of Good Trade Booth Design



With the evolution of technology, design trends have been changing continuously. Good quality graphics with remarkable content is used to display on trade booths.

It is imperative to be creative and try some different and appealing design ideas for your exhibition stand to stand-out among various competitors during the event.

If you are looking for various new and unique booth design ideas then read the points given below.

1. Booth Design Must Be Unique and

Your booth design must strive for individuality as unique designs are capable to create a significant impact on the trade show visitors. All exhibitors should use the latest trends to build a bespoke stand design.

Using the company’s color pattern on your exhibition stand is a good idea as it will also help you in spreading brand awareness.

Make sure that your idea should be different from your competitor’s stand so that people can easily differentiate between both designs.

Think out of the box and don’t be afraid of doing experiments. Always try to implement your different ideas.

2. Don’t Forget The Lighting System

Most exhibitors don’t want to spend money on lighting system because they consider that is not a worthy investment. But, the reality is different!

The good lighting system has the power to attract more visitors to your trade booth. It will help you in highlighting the main sections of your event booth design.

There are various types of lighting systems available in the market. You can use colored lights, hanging pendant lights, LEDs and many others.

Lighting is one of the most dramatic ways to increase the visual appeal of your stand just like in bespoke exhibition stands the UK.

3. Display Appropriate Message

The main objective behind marketing is to convey the right message to your potential customers.

By displaying precise and concise text on your stand walls you can convey the appropriate information and get the right customers for your product/service.

Make sure that your message is simple, clear and readable as it will help you to win half the battle. You can also take the help of professionals who will write good messages and slogans for your stand.

Your message should not be paragraph style as trade show visitors do not have much time to read the lengthy message. Try to complete your message in a few words.

4. Take Help Of Digital Graphics

Gone are the days when traditional low-quality graphics are used on the trade booth display. Growing technology has changed the trend and now all exhibitors should use digital graphics on the display walls.

The digital graphics are capable to catch the attention of trade show attendees.

If the trade show visitors do enter your stand but at least take a look at your stand display then good graphics will display the appropriate information related to your brand and products.

In the future, if those people want to purchase your products then they will recall your brand name and try to contact you.

In this way, digital graphics play a good role in expanding the customer base. Don’t forget to add a logo on graphical images.

5. Use QR Codes on Your Graphics

Upgrade your graphics using the latest technology. Integrate QR codes with your digital graphics so that trade show visitors easily access the whole information by scanning this code with their smartphones.

After scanning this barcode, a browser will open a page of their website when you can read the complete information related to the company and its products/services.

It’s time to go smarter by using the latest technology, otherwise, your competitors will move ahead leaving you behind.

Please ensure that the page open after scanning the QR code should be interactive and capable to create high-impact on viewers.

6. Flooring Should be eye-catching

All exhibitors consider that nobody notices the flooring style and design. Well, it is a misconception! The fact is that good flooring can create a good impact on visitors.

It may not as prior as lighting and signage but it can integrate with attractive elements in your booth and can create a good impact.

Usually, floor spaces are made up of tile or concrete that looks unfinished and inappropriate in your stand. Buy good color floor mats and enhance your booth flooring.

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6 Important Repairs To Do Before Selling Home



Sometimes, we ignore to repair fo fix damaged or broken elements in our house. But, when it comes to selling your house, then you should not ignore all these things.

Even the small wear and tear can lead to sitting your house in the market for a long time. If you want to get most dollars for your property, then you should consider some important repair before listing your house.

For instance, if you want to sell your Cleveland Ohio houses for a good price, then do the important repair before publicly listing your house.

Here, we have listed down all-important home repairs:

1. Repaint Walls

Chipped or crumbling paint on walls will leave a bad impression on your potential home buyers. Therefore, you should give the coat your walls with a fresh layer of paint. It is one of the simplest and affordable home repairs. Repainting your house can significantly improve its value.

If you have a wallpapered wall, then you should remove the wallpaper and keep it simple before inviting potential customers to visit your house. While painting your walls, you should pick neutral colors because your taste may be different from others.

2. Put Focus On Exterior Section

The lawn, driveway, fence, patio and all other exterior sections of your house will be responsible for creating the first impression on your potential home buyer.

Therefore, you should put effort to keep in visually appealing. Take a walk around your house and observe everything precisely. If you find anything broken or aged, then you should consider replacing it with a new one.

For instance, if the fence board is in bad condition, then replace it with a new one. Clean your yard, remove dead fallen leave, paint your outdoor furniture, pressure wash your driveway and mow your grass.

3. Kitchen Repairs

All home buyers want to have a spacious kitchen so that they can cook a delicious meal without any problem. You should first declutter it and then check all the appliances, fixtures and drawers are not good condition.

If you observe a leaky tap, they immediately call a plumber to fix the problem. Also, consider the flooring of your kitchen, If its look dull, then you should replace it with new polished concrete flooring.

The lighting system also plays an important role. Make sure the workspace in the kitchen is efficiently illuminated. Not just workspace but all counters and corners should be well lit up so that you can find anything easily.

4. Bathroom Repairs

Check the toilet, faucets, shower, sink, and all other elements and surfaces in the bathroom. If there is a running toilet seat, then replace it with the new one.

Faucets are old and not working properly, then install new faucets. Also, check the walls of the bathroom and make sure that they are free from molds and mildews.

After that check the shelves and if they are broken then apply a layer of cement to fix them. The last thing to check in the bathroom is flooring. If there is any missing tile, then place a new piece of tile to complete the flooring surface.

5. Optimum Lighting System

Good lighting can make your home appear spacious. If you want to increase the perception of space, then you should make sure all lighting fixtures in your houses are working properly. You can take the help of a good electrician to inspect the complete electric system in your house and suggest necessary upgrades. 

In addition to this, you should also consider replacing conventional lighting fixtures with LEDs. The LED lights leave a good impression on home buyers because they know they can save on monthly utility bills due to LED lighting fixtures. Make sure you consider natural light as well! Remove curtains and let the sun rays light up your home.

5. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

With the passage of time, the hardwood floor loses its luster and start looking dull. The refinishing will make your hardwood flooring appear like a new one. Most home sellers ignore upgrading their floor while selling their house. But, it can be the reason they break the deal. But, upgrading does not mean ti change the flooring material. You just need to put effort to make your aged flooring a fresh appearance. The potential buyers who want to buy a house, they will consider everything in your house.

6. Put Focus On Functionality

You should make sure that everything in your house is working as it is intended to be. Check the doorknobs, locks, garage door, etc. in your house.

Homebuyer does not expect everything new in your house. But he or she will expect that everything should be working properly. Some broken elements may drive down your home value.

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8 Ways To Go Paperless In Business



paperless office

A business office is one of the heavy users of paper. You can find pieces of paper in shelves full of files, in drawers or on top of desks.

Paper is recyclable. You can effectively have a reduced volume that would be left for any rubbish removal company if they are properly sorted out for recycling.

For reducing the paper waste, recycling is not the best option that you can head for.

It is just the better alternative to dumping waste paper to incineration or landfills where it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that traps heat and contributes to climate change according to experts.

Going paperless is best done gradually according to the experts.

When you choose to go paperless then you need to know that this is not something that happens in just a fraction of a second.

It is a process that takes time and effort as many of the business owners and the workers at home are literally intimidated by the prospect of making such a switch to a paperless environment.

Choose from any of the following ways to go paperless the ones that are applicable to your business. Then, as you can continually add more ways as you go along.

going paperless

1. Paperless document storage

Many businesses are making use of cloud storage to keep and share their digital files.

Some of the common apps used to back up and securely store files and documents are Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file storage programs.

As long as you put the needed security features, off-site file storage is a secure way to control documents.

2. Paperless meetings

Instead of printing presentations and handouts for meetings, make a slide show that can be shown from a computer to a digital screen. After the meeting, the presentation can be electronically shared with the attendees.

Meeting attendees can take paperless notes using apps like Evernote, Microsoft Onenote, Google Keep, and other note-taking apps.

3. Electronic communications

Train the employees to share information electronically through emails, telephone calls or text messages instead of forms of other forms of communication.

Online information in the form of any document can be easily transferred, edited and accessed from anywhere.

4. Scan documents and save electronically

Instead of making hard copies of documents, scan, save and share them electronically. You may save the hard copy but you did not consume more paper by making copies for distribution.

5. Use digital receipts

You have to convince as many customers as you can to provide their digital addresses and accept digital receipts.

Digital receipts could save transaction time for your frequent or high-volume customers. They also don’t fade over time and are less likely to get lost.

6. e-Signatures

Your office can avoid printing out pages of documents for a few signatures. You can start with interoffice documents and convince as many customers as possible to accept documents with e-signatures.

Employees not to use disposable paper cups, plates and food containers

7. Start investing in energy-efficient equipment

As the employees are switching to reading the documents through their electronic devices it could result in more energy consumption.

To help offset the cost of increased electronic usage, you need to go ahead to install LED lighting, energy-efficient printers, and other energy-saving equipment.

8. Lease those expensive equipment

You might be in the scene of purchasing a new laptop, tablets and portable digital payment devices that can be very costly when you go paperless in a small business.

You can even save on upfront costs of repairs, upgrades, and equipment maintenance fees when you are leasing the expensive equipment.

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