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How Non-EU Citizens Can Get the Portuguese Residency

Non-Eu citizens find it very difficult to move to Portugal and get residency in the nation. This guide will walk you through different ways to get a Portuguese residency. When you know the different ways to get a Portuguese residency, then the entire process will become a little manageable.  

The idea of establishing residency in Portugal can be a little easy and simple when you will take the help of an expert. Therefore, it is recommended to take advice from reputable professionals in the field. 

First of all, you should study Portuguese residency in detail:

Portuguese Residency

Most people want to relocate to Portugal and want to spend the rest of their life in this country. The popularity of Portugal is increasing due to its great weather, peaceful ambiance, and good value of the real estate market. After getting Portuguese residency, the visa holder can also apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The Portuguese government has initiated various programs to attract people from different nations. This government has offered various advantageous visa programs like the Golden Visa Program. The main objective of offering these programs is to attract foreigners who can help trigger the economy of Portugal. 

For instance, the Golden Visa program has gained huge popularity because this program is the simplest way for non-EU people to get the nationality of Portugal. The Portugal Golden Visa Portuguese residency program is one of the easiest ways to get a European visa.

Who Can Apply For Portuguese Residency?

The non-EU citizen must have a residence visa to study, work and live in Portugal. The type of Visa issue is based on how long you want to stay in Portugal and the reason for staying in this country.

With the help of a residence visa, non-EU people can enter Portugal boundaries so that they can get a non-residence permit. Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) department in Portugal is responsible for processing and issuing residence visits.

Once you have obtained the residence visa, the next step is to visit the SEF office to apply for a residence permit. The residence permit and residence visa are two different things. The citizens of the EU and European Economic Area do not need to get a residence visa to stay in Portugal. 

If you are an EU citizen, then you’re free to stay and work in Portugal. You just need to register with Portuguese tax authorities. You will get your residence certificate from this office for five years.  

Different Routes To Get Portuguese Residency

1. Residency by investment

Portugal has initiated a popular residency by investment program for non-EU citizens. This residency by investment scheme is quite popular in Europe. The residency by investment program is known as the Golden Visa Program. This residency program will offer residency permits to non-EU citizens who are ready to invest in Portugal.

When it comes to making an investment for Portugal Golden Visa, there are so many different ways. Out of various ways, the popular way for making investments in real estate. Different people have different requirements based on the type of investment you choose. The investors have to make a real estate investment of approximately €500,000.

Other Ways for Golden Visa Investment are spending a certain amount of money on scientific research, Portuguese arts and culture, creation of business for a minimum of 10 employees, and SMEs in Portugal. The biggest benefit of getting residency by investment is that investors do not need to permanently live in Portugal. The Portugal Golden Visa holders have lenient residence needs as compared to other EU countries.

2. Residency By Work

The best route for Portuguese residency is getting employed. With the help of an approved work visa, you can easily immigrate to Portugal to live and work in this country. Some non-EU countries have signed bilateral agreements with Portugal.

According to this agreement, citizens of these nations can apply for a work residence Visa in Portugal and get it in just 90 days of arrival in Portugal. The non-EU nations that do not have signed any kind of agreement with Portugal have to get Jobs in Portugal because applying for a Portugal work visa.

Once the non-EU citizens get the work visa, they change it into a residence Visa by fulfilling the needs and demands of a residence visa. If you have a work Visa and want to apply for a residence visa, then you should register on the SAPA portal.

3. Residency By Family Reunification

Portuguese law allows Portugal residence holders to be joined by immediate dependents and family members. Residence permit holders in Portugal have to apply for SEF so that family reunification can take place. For family reunification, Portuguese residents have to submit certain documents:

  • Valid supporting documents which show your link with your family members.
  • Original copies of identification docs of all family members of applicants.
  • Valid proof to show accommodation.
  • Valid proof of subsistence
  • A clean criminal record certificate from your country of origin.

4. Residency Through Study

Getting a studying opportunity in Portugal is also one of the ways to get your ticket to Portuguese residency. Well, it is a short-term option because the study period should not be more than six months to get eligible for a Portugal residence permit.

The residence permit will let the students get part-time jobs without any problem. After the study, students will get a job permit for one year. Once you get employed, you can easily stay and work in Portugal.

5. Residency Through Retirement

If you get retired in Portugal, then you are eligible for Portugal residency. But you have to apply for a Portuguese visa in your home nation. You have to show your original passport, income proof, health insurance, and a clean criminal background report.

This type of Portugal residence visa process takes one month. If you want to get a residence permit, you have to show that your monthly income is a minimum of €1,070. In various ways, the Portuguese golden visa scheme is widely popular.