Gautam Khaitan: Legal System needs to be restructured in wake of Pandemic

The unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic have rendered tremendous setbacks to the functioning of most businesses and industries alike. At the face of this giant crisis, the way world and business functions have indeed turned round as we continue to suffer with Covid 19 Pandemic lingering to its second year of disrupts.

Gautam Khaitan, an affluent lawyer of the country and the Managing Partner of the esteemed O.P Khaitan & Co expresses how the conditions set by the pandemic has indeed taken a toll on the functioning of legal setups, lawyers and the entire judicial system of the country.

In these helpless states of affairs Mr Khaitan has voiced his deep concerns for significant issues of the legal system, like the wage earning for junior lawyers, the lack of a proper alternative to physical court proceedings or the many prevailing cases which are yet to be heard.

In his proposition of better hope for systems to incorporate into the changing scenarios and continuing work amidst the new normal, he suggests better adaptation and offers solutions to safeguard the interests of the ones who have been most affected.

Gautam Khaitan is the second generation of what his father, Late Mr O.P Khaitan (eminent lawyer and the visionary behind O.P Khaitan & Co) has left behind as a legacy. Following his father’s steps, in no time Gautam Khaitan took the firm to its new heights with his brilliant forte as a lawyer. His strong suit as a legal practitioner is also celebrated because of his priceless commitment to never lose faith in the legal setup and to extend his meanings of law and justice to all.

As his son, Karan Khaitan carries the family tradition forward and making the third generation of lawyers from the Khaitan family, he continues to brilliantly carry forth his father’s crowning values of hard work, dedication and networking at work whilst incorporating his own mastery as a Jindal Law School pass out backed by his experiences of interning with esteemed institutions like the London School of Economics.

O.P Khaitan and Co continues to outshine with its terrific value propositions and strategic thinking as a celebrated legal firm in the country today, Gautam Khaitan prevails a highly effective business negotiator, a corporate lawyer and a dedicated professional who has time and out been appraised for his tremendous contributions in his field of practise.

As he goes on to dedicate years to the legal services that he’s been a part of, he advocates for the industry amidst the pandemic, voicing his concerns in these unprecedented times that has rendered great loss to the system and at large interrupted with its efficiency as not just an industry but a crucial institution for the people.

Gautam Khaitan at large vouches for the terrific legal practises from the Supreme Court of the United States that picks and chooses the matters to be listed before it, giving the time to review and sort the cases that require more attention. He places his esteems on such an efficacious method of legal frameworks and expresses his wishes for our country to draw inspiration and follow from the same, in his desire to see a more effective and less delayed framework that renders justice in our country.

As the conditions of the pandemic have made physical court hearings an impossible practise to continue, and thus disrupted normalcy in court proceedings, lawyers and litigants have misused provisions like the Article 32 or Article 136 of the Indian Constitution to use special leave to appeal from any order of any court in the country by filing cases- even the ones without any substantial material.

Gautam Khaitan’s resolution in adapting to pick cases based on national interest or their constitutional backing is a certain way that can make the system faster and more efficient to function amid the current crisis.

He further places his optimism in the greater incorporation of technology that has made its way to the legal system because of the pandemic. In his words- it can be said that every situation brings in new changes and it is only wise for us to adapt to the positives and use it to our benefit.

With his dire admiration for some of the positive changes, he further proposes virtual court hearing as a feasible and yet necessary implementation to alternate physical hearings in courts.

Mr Khaitan also brings our attention to the crisis around the lockdown wherein the government stopped the functioning of the courts in its entirety without any efforts of compensation for the majority of advocates of the country who earn their livelihood by getting paid per appearance.

In his solution, he suggests a suitable alternative wherein consultation in coalition with the Bar Association of India to implement a scheme or financial package, was an important action that the higher authorities should have taken.

This would ensure redressal of the repercussions that such a drastic step would have on the many attached to the legal system and rendering their services for it.

Challenging times like these rightly require a fresh approach- to deal with the rampant distress and yet be able to make the best use of the limited exposure and resources we have right now. As the world collectively seeks hope and betterment, Mr Khaitan’s stance is in true value an inspiration to be vouching for humanity and goodwill, even at the face of dire circumstances.

Voicing out his heart, he exclaims “I find it rewarding to help others, especially when they are faced with challenges that are difficult for them to understand and deal with on their own. I find it rewarding when I can help to bring in closure to difficult moments in people’s lives. Not everything in the law is about disputes or controversies; it is also about building people’s lives, businesses and dreams”.