bathroom mirror ideas
bathroom mirror ideas

6 Fancy Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Every Style

Can you think of your bathroom without a mirror? We bet you can’t! Even if you cannot afford large bathrooms still a mirror is necessary. A mirror is not only significant for various purposes but also improves your bathroom aesthetics.

When sunlight falls on the mirror and gets reflected, it automatically gives your bathroom a spacious look. So, you cannot forget your bathroom mirror while upgrading the rest of the bathroom accessories like bathtub, tiles, sink, etc.

Now you might think that you do not need any guide to buy a mirror for your bathroom, but indeed there are so many different ways you can add style to your bathroom by a bathroom mirror.

So to make your bathroom fancy and trendy you have to choose the right mirror that goes well with bathroom color, style, design, and space.

The prices can range from very low to very high so you need to spend wisely to get the right piece for your dream bathroom.

Here are some of the options to make your bathroom fancy a whole new look.

#1. Frameless bathroom mirrors

Frameless bathroom mirrors are indeed the most popular in the family. These mirrors can vary in shape and size. Sometimes they also have patterns drawn around the corner to enhance their beauty.

Now you do not need to buy those old plastic-framed mirrors. You can also go for some customized shapes according to your taste and bathroom style.

A full circle frameless mirror will never fail to add graphics to your bathroom with elegance. The typical oval-shaped mirrors have become a thing of the past.

So you do not need to compromise with your minimalist style bathroom as you can opt for a frameless mirror with some antique design to give it a simple yet luxurious look.

#2. Full-length mirrors

If your bathroom is wide, you must go with the full-length bathroom mirrors. For this, you can choose a rectangular mirror that goes from one side of the wall all the way to the other.

It gives a chic look to your bathroom. It also gives an illusion that your bathroom is extra-large even if it’s not.

Another way is by using a mirror that goes from the floor straight to the ceiling of your bathroom. This gigantic mirror is definitely the focal point of your bathroom. This means it can easily mesmerize anyone with its ultra-mod look.

#3. Vintage mirrors

If you have a bathroom with some ancient or if you want to build a bathroom to give it a look from the prime time then you should definitely choose a vintage mirror to complement its style.

Extremely extravagant vintage mirrors are readily available to give your house and bathroom an even more traditional look.

The most popular color for a vintage mirror is gold. It will stand out both with black and white backgrounds. Go for large or small vintage mirrors keeping in mind the spatial features of your bathroom.

And of course, you can combine it with bathroom hardware color and style to blend it well with the environment.

#4. Adding lights to your bathroom mirror

In case you have the simplest bathroom mirrors and cannot spend much on purchasing huge bathroom mirrors, you can still make it look fashionable by adding lights to it. Adding lights on a mirror will completely change the way it looks and also it will step up your bathroom aesthetics.

You can use some small fairy lights to simply hang on your mirror or you can also fix some small bulbs along the borders of your square mirror to give it a more of a designer look.

#5. Framed mirrors

If you have a relatively small place to adjust a large mirror then you can also choose a small framed bathroom mirror. Having a framed mirror is not always boring as it gives a decorative feeling to your bathroom. Another plus point of using a framed mirror is that it comes in an extremely large variety.

You can go simple with an elegant wooden framed mirror or you can pick up some large decorative masterpiece. Metallic frames are also in. A polished nickel frame against a dark marble background will breathe life to your monotonous bathroom.

Another way to choose a framed mirror is by keeping in mind the color scheme of your bathroom. E.g. if your bathroom has white marble tiles then in order to amplify its charm, you can select a dead black framed mirror that will definitely pop up the whole look.

#6. A backlit mirror

Last but not least in the list is the ultimate backlit mirror. We might have heard about it for the first time! This mirror has a lighting system at the back which gives it a bright and lavish look.

Now you do not need to worry about the shadows caused by the bathroom lights when placed at the walls opposite to the mirror.

This mirror gives your bathroom a French look and you won’t get enough of it. These LED lights are also helpful in saving energy. You can put these mirrors against a dark background to boost its beauty.

Thus, update your bathroom with luxuries from bathroom inspector and give it a modern touch in less budget.