Everything You Need To Know About RCA Cable

People are more on the hook on purchasing the high-end entertainment system, and why wouldn’t they? Everyone wants to enhance their mode of entertainment as it would mean “improved experience in terms of watching tv” and means that the performance yielded from the devices will be maximized.

Nowadays, the concept of entertainment has been taken to a whole other level, not only just the inclusion of TV, but the inclusion of video games and other factors include the use of myriads of TV cords, connection, and jacks to assure that the effect you are trying to generate can be produced.

Between the choice of HDMI  and RCA Cable, while many are choosing the former one, what they are overseeing is the potential the latter holds.

This article will provide you with a thorough understanding of the RCA cable before you make a decision:

Have you ever looked at a CD player or a DVD player? If yes, then you will know what RCA cable is. The RCA cable is generally a connector that connects these devices with the TV to create a bridge between the two.

Generally, the RCA cable comes with three color-coded plugs that extend from one end of the cable to the tv. Each colored cable will be linked to the corresponding colored jack placed on the back of the TV.

These cables then are responsible for carrying out the audio and the video to the device, assuring that the audio and video quality isn’t compromised. While the cables play an important role in bridging the gap, the importance of putting the right cable into the right place is important too.

Types of RCA Cables

Generally, there are two types of RCA cable found in the market. They are known as composite video cables and component video cables. The colors that are used in the composite RCA cable are Red, Yellow, and White.

These are used for the generation of the video on TV. It is either analog or non-digital and carries the data of the video in one signal from the DVD or CD to the TV.

As analog videos are made of three separated signals so that it can be made easier for the operation, it has nonetheless proved to be the opposite as squeezing the signal through three distinct cables has somewhat reduced the quality of the video.

The component cables have three video lines; they are generally colored with Red, Green, and Blue, while the two audio lines are Red, White or Black

The two red colors have different lines to make them more distinguishable. The component RCA cable is more competent enough to catch the video and audio signals compared to the former one.


The RCA Cable can is used to connect a variety of different devices too. From videos and audio devices to radios, from can order a to stereos to speakers, there are endless options through which you can establish a stable connection and find a suitable result. So if you want to arrest a simplified yet amplified version of the video, use the RCA cable.