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What Are the Essential Supplies to Get Started In Calligraphy

The calligraphy is a perfect hobby for all because you can easily start it with only fewer supplies. You can easily find the right supplies to start learning the calligraphy technique. If you are a beginner and looking for the right supplies then you can get the information from different internet sources. Another good way to learn calligraphy is to join online classes or one can also learn through calligraphy books. If you want to learn calligraphy on your own, then you should start by collecting the important supplies. When it comes to arranging supplies for learning calligraphy, then you do not need to search for various options. Only limited supplies are required for learning the calligraphy technique.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various kinds of supplies required to learn the calligraphy process:   

1. Calligraphy Pen

First of all, you need to purchase a calligraphy pen. This special pen is simply comprised of the holder and nib. Well, there are different types and styles of pen available in the market. The calligraphy pen with large size nibs can produce wider lines. On the other hand, the calligraphy pen will smaller nib will produce small size lines. When you purchase the nibs of the calligraphy pen, then you will get to know that they are available in different sizes. The dip pen and cartridge pens are comprised of nibs. On the other hand, the calligraphy markers do not comprise of nibs.  Learn the calligraphy technique from the calligraphy books for beginners and start practicing with calligraphy pens.

2. Cartridge Pens

The cartridge pens let you easily switch the ink and change the color whenever required. But, for the cartridge pen, you need different ink cartridges that will go with the pen, and you do not need bottles of ink. The cartridge pens are available in the market with different sets, and that includes the various types of nib sizes. The cartridge pens are perfect for the beginners who just started to learn the calligraphy process. The cartridge pen allows the beginner to do practice with different types of nibs.

3. Dip Pens

The dip pens can be described as a simple holder with the nib. But, the dip pens do not have the ink cartridge. If you want to invest in the dip pens, then you have to purchase a bottle of ink in which you can dip your pen and start writing. If you are wondering how to learn calligraphy step by step, then you should collect the important supplies first.

4. Felt Tip

Another option that you can purchase to start learning the calligraphy process is felt tip. The felt tips are convenient because they do not need a separate ink cartridge and nibs. The markers specially designed for the calligraphy process and it is just like an ordinary marker. Calligraphy for beginners is difficult, therefore, they should use felt tip. You can simply remove the cap of the calligraphy marker and start writing. Well, there are two different types of markers that you can use for learning calligraphy. The calligraphy markers are available in different sizes and colors. There are two different kinds of calligraphy markers shown above, both available in several colors and sizes.

5. Ink

If you are using a dip pen, then you should purchase the separate ink bottles. Well, there are different kinds of ink bottles available in the market. Moreover, the ink is also available in different colors. You can easily choose the different sizes of ink bottles as per your requirement and get the ink in different colors as well. At the starting of the calligraphy learning process, you should choose the plain black ink. Later on, you can choose ink with different colors.

6. Paper

As you are a beginner, therefore, you should use a graph paper where you can do the proper practice. Also, you can form the right layout. There are some calligraphy books for beginners in which special lines are created so that you can practice the calligraphy learning process. Usually, the calligraphy paper is integrated with the pads so that you can do the practice without any problem. Well, you can also use the sketchbook to start learning calligraphy. It is recommended to choose a sketchbook that is designed for pen and ink. Otherwise, your ink will start spreading. You should do calligraphy practice.

7. Calligraphy books, Pen Ruler & Eraser

Learning calligraphy without resources is not possible. Therefore, you should invest in good calligraphy books. If you want to start with the lettering process, then you must have a pencil, eraser, and ruler as well. Collecting the required supplies is one of the easiest parts of the calligraphy learning process. But, the difficult thing to do is learning the calligraphy technique. You should do practice again and again, until you learn calligraphy properly.