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8 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Workspace

With the changing technology and growing demands, the layout of the office has changed. The old cubicle form of office has transformed into an open floor layout.  Nowadays, organizations want to design their office space wisely and do not wish to follow others.

As all employees spend more time in offices, therefore, it is essential to make it comfortable and appealing. Also, it is imperative to consider cleanliness at the workplace and to invest in cleaning supplies. There are various ways to improve the space in your office. These tricks are not just simple but cost-efficient as well.  Sometimes simple changes can bring significant results.

1. Arrange Furniture Again

You can take the help of employees and ask them for new ideas. Collect various ideas and implement those that are the best. You may like the cubicle layout but if your employees do not agree, then you should think again.

According to the research, the cubicle layout can decrease the communication between the employees and it acts as a hurdle while working as a team. The cubicle layout will reduce approx 70% of communication among employees. That means you have to rearrange the furniture and think about the open space layout. 

2. Increase the Optimum Illumination

The proper lighting in the office can enhance productivity. If possible, let the natural light inside. Natural light not just helps in illuminating your office room but it will also uplift your mood and disinfect rooms. Also, the natural light in the office decreases 84% eyestrain and headaches.

Along with natural light, you should also think about artificial lighting fixtures for your office. You should invest in LED lighting fixtures to reduce utility bills and make your space more inviting.

3. Think About Flooring

You should install good flooring in your workspace. You should invest in concrete flooring because it is durable and can also add luster to your office space. It is easy to clean the concrete floor with a vacuum cleaner. Also, there are different patterns and colors available in the market and you can choose one of your choices.

If you building a new office, then you should go for concrete flooring. However, it is also possible to replace your old flooring style with concrete. If you also want to have decorative carpets in some areas of the office, then you should keep them clean with the help of vacuum cleaners.

4. Decorate Walls with Custom Art

Boring space affects our mood and consequently affects productivity. You should think about decorating your office walls with custom photo frames. You should hang custom art that reflects your brand values and beliefs.

This will be a welcoming addition to your office area. Also, put up images of employees of the month on digital TV screens. Also, play some videos without sound on this TV screen. Leverage the latest technology to show the brand’s personality.

5. Build Quiet Rooms

Sometimes, there are some specific tasks that need quiet spaces like a telephonic conversation with clients, paying full attention to your project, etc.  Therefore, you should build a quiet room in your offices so that your employees can do all those tasks that need full concentration and no noise.

6. Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for office productivity. For instance, can you work in a place where the workspace if full of clutter and the nasty smell is all around? The answer is no! You can also go for cheap office design ideas.

You should hire in house cleaning team who is responsible for taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your office. You should also invest in cleaning supplies like a cordless HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner, disinfecting solutions, etc. Also, maintain clean carpet and furniture in your office.

7. Think About Employee Health

According to the report published by Employee Wellness Trends, it was observed that more than 68% of workers invest in physical and mental wellness programs. You should think about providing a fitness space for your employees where they can do their regular exercise.

You should invest in the company gym. You can allow your workers to do the gym after office timing. Healthy employees mean high productivity and fewer absentees due to health issues.

8. Do Small and Continuous Improvements

Well, it is not mandatory to do all the changes at the same time. You do not need to go bankrupt to do these changes. Make this process simple by doing one change at a time. You can make this process efficient by doing these changes continuously. If you paint your walls this summer, then replacing the floor should be planned for the coming season.

You should also consider the likes and dislikes of employees. Keeping your employees happy will help you in increasing office productivity.