7 Best Ways to Decorate Your Windows this Christmas

Many people believe that Christmas is the most important holiday throughout the whole year. It is the season of joy, giving, reconciliation ‒ and (of course) festive decorations.

For the past centuries, people have been adorning their homes with quintessential decors including Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and colorful lanterns basically to give everyone a feeling of warmth and excitement throughout the holidays and impress their guests with their decorating skills. 

There are several areas and specific spots where you can place your decors at home ‒ from front doors to fireplaces and handrails of stairs but on top of these, windows give you the perfect spot to show off your creativity and celebrate the beauty of holiday seasons.

Whether you’re spending your first Christmas in your new home or planning to give your old decors a break, here are some of the most eye-catching ideas to decorate your windows this Yule. 

A Row of Wreaths

Wreaths should not be reserved for front doors alone. Any neutral space can look great with a touch of greenery so try experimenting with a row of matching wreaths on your landscape windows.

If you have multiple windows, then they’d call for multiple wreaths, too. You can show off your creativity by tying wreaths with complimentary ribbons or using wood sticks to hang them on.  

Cheery Curtains

While some people are going crazy about festive decorations, others would rather keep their decors discreet and simple so they can easily remove the decorations after the holidays. If you are this type, you can keep a simple Christmas tree or maybe some nice curtains with a red plaid design to jazz up your home.     

Santa’s Elves

Make Christmas more magical and playful with Santa’s elves window display. I bet kids will enjoy keeping the fantasy alive throughout the holidays. 

Glow up with candles.

Lighted candles create a worthwhile fixture for your windows around the holidays. They add warmth, light, and Christmas spirit to the entire room. Choose scented candles with essential oils to promote relaxation and peace of mind this Yule. You can also score some green ornaments or candle holders to make a more festive window display. 


Poinsettias are another holiday assortments that symbolise the spirit of Christmas as they bloom in grace throughout the “-Ber Months” season. Decorate your windows with poinsettias in golden pots alongside with other Christmas decors such as candlesticks and knickknacks.      

Starry Window Night

A better way to enjoy watching the snow falls from the window is bringing the starry skies into your room. Decorate your windows with illuminated stars in strings that guarantee a starry evening show. Try experimenting with choral knickknacks arranged on top of your window stool.     

Joyful Christmas 

Let joy walk right into your windows and spread happiness with the whole family on Christmas eve with these lettered J-O-Y greeneries. You can experiment with DIY ornaments or purchase as-is from the store.

You can match your window display with garlands running through your stair handrails if you have them in front of your home.