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What are the Dangers of Driving on Bald Tyres

We love bald actors; be it their physique or acting, they become an inspiration to many. But it is not the same for our tyres. You don’t want your tyres to go bald at all. Unlike balding humans, tyre balding can lead to severe consequences.

The phenomenon of excessive loss of rubber thickness from the treads of the tyres is known as the balding of tyres. Balding of tyres can occur due to various uncatered errors like wheels misalignment and unbalanced wheels.

Though tread of a tyre is bound to wear out at some point or the other, early wearing is never appreciated. Misalignment of wheels results in the development of bald patches that further compromise tyres’ safety on wet and dry roads.

To make you aware of the dangers of balding tyres, allow us to disclose some of the serious consequences of worn-out tyres:

1. Dry road braking failures:

Traction on dry roads has never been a problem. Therefore, summer tyres come with shallower treads. But when the tyres are excessively worn out so that they start showing the internals, then they will begin to skid on the dry road as well.

Friction between a balding tyre and dry road poses a lot more catastrophic danger known as a tyre blowout. It will leave your vehicle dangling in the streets uncontrollably.

2. Wet and snow-laden road failures:

As mentioned earlier, a bald tyre can’t cope up with the dry road conditions, so how can we think it will provide safety on a wet road. Winter tyres have dedicated tread to cater to the traction requirements of snow and slippery roads. The tread is responsible for gripping the snow and getting a hold on it.

But in the absence of proper tread depth, the tyres will be unable to hold the snow in their grooves and thereby skid fanatically. Tread designs of winter tyres also help in displacing the water in rainy seasons. Without which, the vehicle will fall victim to slippage on the layer of water present on the road. 

3. Tyre burst and heat build-up: 

Tyres Bettws without protective covering on them can easily burst when they are overinflated or encounter a sharp object. Let us understand it in this way when we shave our heads in summers, what is it that happens. We feel the heat of the sun shining bright on our forehead.

Similarly, when tyres go bald, they are unable to shield themselves from the road conditions. They easily get affected by the friction and heats up pretty fast. Another reason for the heating of tyres is the increased surface area that is in contact with the road. All in all, it results in damaging the tyres more.

When the balding of tyres go beyond a level, it is recommended to buy new tyres for the utmost safety. The government of the UK can also fine you if your tyre’s tread has fallen below 1.6mm. In case you are looking for a place to buy high-quality Tyres Ponthir, make sure to drive your car to us, at Trade Price Tyres. Our experts will help you buy the best fit for your vehicle from our vast collection of tyres.