4 Tips to Buy Commercial Real Estate

Buying the Commercial property requires a lot of research & knowledge to be successful. This is especially true in case you’re a first-time buyer. If you’re running a small or medium sized business and willing to expand, buying a commercial property is a smart option. For sure, it’s not going to be that easy as buying a good commercial property requires a significant investment regarding time & cost.

It’s important to consider different factors like the business location and how much you want to invest and so on. So make sure you do your research. For obvious reasons, it’s going to be a tricky process. Honestly, the paperwork alone can be such a drawn-out experience if you have no idea what you’re up to.

Even if you’re pretty much aware of what you’re doing, there is still a rigorous process to go through, and it’ll take a certain amount of time & effort. Having that in mind, the experts of this industry have come up with a few useful tips on how to buy commercial property. So let’s dive in;


If you’ve been into real estate for quite a long time, it might sound a broken record to you. But, it’s still of huge significance and worth mentioning on top. You just need to think about what you’ll be using the commercial property for. You’ll surely come up with many questions like the amount of staff it’ll need to fit; will clients come for meetings frequently?

Is the location where you’re willing to bring your clientele? A central location is Ideal. In case you deal with your clients remotely, a location outside of town can be better as well as cost-effective.

Take an advantage of low interest rates

While investing in a commercial property, make sure you keep a close eye on interest rates as they keep on fluctuating with the span of time. If the interest rates don’t stay constant for longer, it’ll make mortgage an attractive option.

To increase the additional capital, it’s good to re-mortgaging your property, and for sure it’s going to be considerably cheaper than a business loan. If you plan to invest, you can also deduct the tax from interest payments on commercial mortgages, and this would turn up beneficial.

Use Your Head, Not HEART

While investing in a commercial real estate, it’s imperative to be rational and don’t get impulsive. As it’s a serious decision where huge money is involved, make sure you just don’t jump head-first into buying a commercial property. First! Do your research & consider other options as well. But keep in mind, it’s the game of your head, not the heart. In business dealing and investment, emotions are either useless or detrimental.

If you buy a commercial real estate, having a mortgage will exceed rental cost of the same property. If your business is well-established and has all the potential to grow further, it’s worth investing. In case you’re up for the start-up, you must step back for such investment as renting is the better option. Once your business gets established, then you’ll be ready to invest in commercial property.

Bring Your Lawyer Friend

Let’s talk about the legal part of this game now. Honestly, the legal side of buying the commercial real estate is a little tough to understand. In case you aren’t very much sure about the ins and outs of the contract, it’s highly recommended to have a good lawyer with you to look after all the paperwork.

The residential buying isn’t quite the same as renting commercial properties in Dubai, and there are also a different set of laws governing both. Moreover, it’s always going to be beneficial to have a second set of eyes so that you know what you’re signing.