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9 Ways to Hide Clutter From Your Living Space

We all dream of a house that is similar to that of the trendiest Scandinavian inspired home which is filled with gorgeous natural light and white curtains that blows in the soft breeze.

But, to understand it well, there is an obstacle.

So, what are the elements of a hindrance here?

Our piles and heaps of stuff have been collected over the years. It all starts to add and pile up ranging from those our crafts to children’s toys we have added to our inherited stuff over the years.

So where do these people with smaller homes keep away all those stuff from their daily lives?

Today we bring out the secret just for you sharing it to the world with these 9 tips to hide clutter from your living space.

When you keep all the things that are already used and is accessible daily without the clutter is the key to good eco-friendly house organization.

If all is done in a correct manner then everything will have to be in place to keep everything neat and tidy for their use in the future.

The use of such tricks and ideas can actually make something good out of your living room.

To help you hide those belongings streamlining the chaos in that living room, the following hacks will help you hide and house of those belongings.

1. Creating a couch storage underneath

When you want to create hidden storage, then adding the furniture risers or these Lucite legs when given to the couch can create enough room for your space.

The new space that is created under the couch, items can be stored in trays, baskets on in any other storage.

2. When you want to build shelves, why not build sideboards?

This idea when implemented proves to be an easy way as you can simply transform an unwanted shelf into a stellar sideboard.

This actually proves to work very effectively with expedite shelves that are out there.

You can create another flat surface for the storage for displays and this is exactly what you are in need of here while you flip the shelf on the side.

3. Hiding the cable box

If you lay emphasis on watching the latest episode of “Real Housewives” then the cable boxes are both an eyesore and a necessity.

When you are using those decorative metal sheets from a hobby store to make the cable box look functional as décor, you need create a pretty and well-ventilated cover.

4. Built-ins with basic Billy

A built-in shelving system seems like to be a no brainer while you are trying to find storage for the living room.

It is known that not everyone who is in your family is a carpenter here so; all you need is to do it yourself.

You can create illusions easily for the custom bookcases without the time and money that is involved here with the use of bookshelves and some minimal molding.

5. Beefing up those baskets

It normally does not mean that they need to be a basic one as the baskets are usually filed under “DUH”.

When you are adding a band of white paint at the bottom and some of the decorative pom-poms for that flair, you can give off the most functional storage baskets that designers edge to.

The thing to note: If you think that there are things that you no longer in need off, you can simply give them away to someone or let the rubbish cleaning services remove the extra clutter that have piled up even after a proper storage plan.

charging station

6. Creating a separate charging station

You can turn a classic rack into a charging station when you bring about some updates.

A great place to store those electronics serving as a docking station for creating a place where you can charge those electronics without a tangle of the cords is what a repurposed magazine rack would usually be.

7. For your visitors create a Wi-Fi code

For banishing the router from the view of the public permanently, you need to create a QR code to share your Wi-Fi with the guests.

You no longer require those 14 digit password off the side to the guests who are addicted to technology.

8. Creating the beautiful landing strip

When you are walking in the door and need to drop off a few of your stuff an entryway can be made into a perfect landing strip.

After having a long day in an organized manner, a bench, wall hooks, and basket configuration will allow you to ditch your keys, coats, mail and assorted junk that simply follow you home.

9. Get rid of the blankets

You can simply have your living room look like a deflated pillow fort as there is nothing that can make your living room look more than just a pile of blankets where you can snuggle at while you are at the Netflix bender.

You can create perfect storage out of the wire baskets that proves to be the perfect place to rest your TV-binging snacks.

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