Where can I Buy Used Restaurant Equipment in the UK

If you are opening your own restaurant you need to make sure everything is perfect. However, in the beginning, you may have to raise capital on your own and you might even consider buying used equipment for your restaurant.

When you are looking for used restaurant equipment make sure the equipment is in good condition and has no faults. Ensure everything is reliable and worth the price tag.

Where can I find used restaurant equipment?

Conduct thorough research before buying any equipment online or from the market and keep an eye out for some people who are selling damaged equipment. Always make sure you buy from a trusted place.

You can buy reasonable catering equipment from different websites such as eBay or Amazon, and don’t forget to look for auction sites for machinery!

If you are planning to have several baked goods at your restaurant opt for deck ovens as they are one of the most important equipment for a restaurant. Look for a deck oven for sale in the UK from credible websites such as Nisbets and eBay.

What restaurant equipment should I buy and where can I find them?

1. Ovens

Ovens are the most important part of a kitchen. You need it to bake perfect pizzas and delicious baked goodies. Look up the kind of oven you want to buy for your restaurant as per your requirements and you will find tons of websites offering great deals, few of them are Simon Charles and Gum Tree, where you will find tons of reasonably priced ovens.

2. Freezers and refrigerators

You definitely need a freezer to store all the food and leftover ingredients. Invest in a credible freezer that should cause you no trouble for at least a couple of years. Similarly, you can also consider buying a refrigerator depending on your requirement. Before buying a freezer make sure to check that it works properly and keeps your food fresh.

Ensure there are no gas leakage problems so you don’t have to invest in gas every other day. A good fridge should last you at least 5 years and you can buy a used freezer from several e-commerce sites at perfect prices.

3. Stove

A stove is also an important piece of equipment needed for your restaurant. It is used to cool or heat up the food. Stoves can be worth a lot, so you can always consider buying a used stove instead to reduce your capital expenditure.

Buy a stove which has at least 8 burners because for a restaurant you need a range which is big enough to cook at least 5 dishes at one time. This will ensure the efficiency of your restaurant service. You can find a second-hand stove from websites such as pre-loved and Gumtree for sale.

Now that you’re aware of some of the best places you can find used restaurant equipment, head on to it and get your restaurant up and running in no time!