The Best and Easiest Ways to Clean Blinds at Home

You may be cleaning your windows for sure but what about the blinds that cover them? Cleaning the blinds is often ignored by most of us because, honestly, we HATE cleaning the blinds! Aside from it’s time-consuming, sometimes we just don’t know if we’re cleaning them right.

Blinds may be great at controlling light and providing privacy from nosy neighbors but window blinds can be great at accumulating dust, pet hair, and all the filthy particles, too. 

Keeping the blinds clean can freshen up the entire room and keep away the family from allergens and bacteria that may negatively impact your daily health. This only shows the importance of cleaning the blinds regularly. Since cleaning them is a not-so-favorite task, we’ve tried to think of the best and easiest ways to clean the blinds without having to hate it once more.  

First things first, prepare what’s needed. 

Your cleaning strategy depends on what type of blinds you have and how soiled they are. For every type of blinds, especially Roman, a vacuum cleaner can be a functional tool. Also, using microfiber cloths or duster can do great in simple blind cleaning. Otherwise, prepare warm water and dishwashing liquid if you are trying to do a heavy-duty cleaning.

How to Clean Blinds with Quick Dusting Techniques:

Electric Spin Dust Cleaner

A no-ordinary feather duster to save you from time-consuming chores is finally here. This cleaner can clean areas that are hard to reach and can guarantee cleanliness with its electric spinning power.

It can be a great alternative to your typical feather duster if you want to save half the time of your cleaning. Run the duster between each blind to wipe the dust on both sides. This works best for blinds with thin layers of dust.   

An Old Sock or Glove

Another quick dusting technique requires the use of your old sock. Put your hand inside the sock or a fabric glove. Spray the blinds with glass cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar if you want to go natural. Run your covered hand in each blind to wipe away the dust. Make sure to clean even the hard-to-reach corners.

How to Clean Blinds with Heavy-Duty Cleaning Techniques:

Blinds that are placed in the kitchen are most likely to accumulate dirt and grease. For cases like this, quick dusting techniques will not be enough to wipe away stubborn dust and grease residues. What you’ll need is a heavy-duty cleaning technique.  

Bathtub Cleaning 

Before you proceed with the bathtub cleaning technique, you will have to wipe the blinds first using a microfiber cloth. Fill the tub with warm water and then soak the blinds afterward for about an hour.

Remove the blinds from the tub and wipe away the remaining dirt. Hang them outside so that they can get dry before you place them back. Vacuum the residual dust when hung.  

Blind Scrub

Scrubbing with soap is another way to deep clean your blinds. First, remove your blinds from the window. Hang them outside or in the bathroom with an “S” hook. Sprinkle with water to remove the first layers of dust. Soak a sponge in a separate container with cleaning soap. Scrub each blind from top to bottom and side to side. Rinse with water and let dry.