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Benefits of Hiring Professional Dispatch Services for Owner Operators

Being an owner-operator has many advantages, but one of the major complaints owner-operators have is trying to find good loads that pay well. If you are a trucker tired of spending so much time just trying to find loads, much less high-paying loads, hiring professional dispatch services may be an excellent choice for you.

Before deciding to use dispatch services to help you book loads, you probably want to know all that these services can offer you. Here is a closer look at dispatch services for owner operators and some of the benefits you can enjoy when you begin working with Truckers Dispatch Hub.

Benefit #1 – Quickly Get Quality Loads Instead of Searching for Them Yourself

One benefit that dispatch services for trucking can offer you is the benefit of helping you quickly get quality loads instead of having to spend time searching for them yourself. How much time have you wasted trying to find good freight? Instead of wasting time, our dispatch services in New Mexico can help you get loads quickly, saving you a huge amount of time. We will have you on the road in no time with great paying loads.

Benefit #2 – Set Up Pick Up and Delivery Times

Setting up pick-up and delivery times can be irritating. When you begin using professional dispatch services, you will not have to deal with setting up pick-up and delivery times on your own. Dispatch will set these times up for you, saving you another hassle that keeps you making money instead of wasting your time on the details.

Benefit #3 – Financial Services

Owner-operators will find that using dispatch services provides many financial services that are beneficial. The following are a few of the financial services you can enjoy with quality dispatch services for trucking:

Cash Advances – Sometimes you need a cash advance to help you keep the wheels going on your truck. Dispatch services can help you get the advance that you need.

Invoicing and Other Paperwork – No trucker likes going blind over paperwork. Truckers Dispatch Hub can eliminate most of that paperwork so you can keep on trucking instead of dealing with so much paperwork. Some of the paperwork and faxes we will take care of include Carrier Packets, Rate Confirmations Operating Authority, and Insurance Certificates.

Save on Long Distance Phone Calls – If you are not using dispatch services for owner-operators, you are probably spending a lot of money on long-distance phone calls trying to search for good freight. We do this work for you, meaning you will start saving money on phone calls, not to mention all the time you will save.

Benefit #4 – Avoid Extra Layovers and Keep the Wheels Turning

Any extra layovers or deadhead miles cost you money as an owner-operator. When you begin using dispatch services, you will avoid extra layovers and deadhead miles, which means you will keep those 18 wheels turning as much as possible. Our services help you ensure that you get loads when and where you need them, keeping you from wasting your time and money on deadhead miles and layovers that do not pay.

Benefit #5 – Percentage of Gross Load Revenue is Competitive

The percentage of gross load revenue you will enjoy is very competitive when you work with Truckers Dispatch Hub. If you have dealt with a broker in the past, you know that brokers often take a large percentage of the gross load revenue, leaving you with a smaller profit for all the work you have done out there on the road.

As truckers ourselves, we realize that this practice is hardly fair. You are working hard out there, so you will get a competitive percentage of the gross load revenue. Depending on the plan you go with, you’ll be paying either a flat 10% for each truckload or only $250 each month if you opt to go with our paperwork-only service plan.

Benefit #6 – Benefit From Our Contacts

When using our dispatch services, you will also benefit from our contacts and the experience we already have in the industry. We use our contacts and experience to ensure that you get great paying loads. While this is beneficial for even the most experienced owner-operators, it is even more helpful to owner-operators that are new to the business, since they may not have the contacts needed to find high-paying loads.

Any owner operator, no matter how much experience you have, can benefit from using dispatch services. From excellent financial benefits to finding the best paying freight, dispatch services for owner-operators can pay off financially while saving you a lot of frustration and hassle.