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10 Cool Balcony Décor Ideas on a Budget

A balcony is a place in our house where we can enjoy the outside weather and can have a fantastic view of our street. Therefore, rather than making your balcony a storing area, decorate it in a creative way and spend your special magical moments here. 

There are different ways to decorate your balcony and you have to choose one as per your choice and demands. If you want to decorate your balcony area with good lighting system call renowned electrical service providers.

If your balcony is smaller one then there are some tricks to make it look bigger one. Here, in this article, I am listing down different ideas to decorate your balcony.

In case, you are planning to sell your house then you should use these tricks as it will significantly increase the value of your property. A visually appealing balcony can leave a good impression on visitors.

Read the tips below:

1. Install Privacy Screens

If your property is attached to your neighbor’s house then privacy plays an important role. Take a drop cloth and set up in your balcony. Privacy concern shouldn’t stop you from spending some quality time in your balcony. 

Purchase a good patterned cloth or balcony cover for the apartment from the market and use it as a privacy screen. If you want to make your privacy curtain weatherproof then use exterior paints for your designs. 

2. Plant Some Herbs In Small Pots

You can add a privacy screen in your garden with the help of small herbal pots. This idea will not just add privacy in your balcony but some medicated herbs also helpful when you are not well. Get online and watch some tutorials to use herb pots as a curtain.

You can also decorate these pots with the string lighting system. If you want to decorate your plants with some fancy lights call a skilled and renowned electrician.

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3. Hanging Pots and Flower Baskets 

No matter how small is your balcony area but you can grow your own little garden. You can take help of hanging pots and basket to grow some flowers and green herbs.

Hang these pots outside of the railing to create an appealing effect and this will make your balcony look classy and beautiful. Rather than hanging you can keep these pots on the boundary walls of the balcony for a splash of color.

4. Use Tablecloth Rug In Creative Way

Take a table cloth rug and cover your drab concrete floor with it. Take different colored tablecloth and cut them into the right size that’s appropriate for your balcony.

Please ensure that these tablecloth rigs are treated well with the water-based polyurethane before placing it outside in your balcony.

5. Make It Comfortable For Night-Time

There could be nothing better than enjoying your evening at your balcony. You can take advantage of the balcony during the night as well. Make your balcony space comfortable even after the sun goes down.

⦁    Install Good Lighting Fixture

During the night, you need some kind of illumination such as globe lights, tea lights, or fairy lights. If you want to make this balcony decoration budget-friendly then purchase an inexpensive string of lights and drape it on your metal railing.

You can also create a mason jar tea light holders where you can place a balcony table. To install different types of the lighting system in your balcony call qualified professional like electricians who can give you best suggestions for small balcony design ideas.

⦁    Flowers With Nice Fragrance

Along with night lights, you should also invest in night-blooming flowers. You should choose flowers such as four o’clock, nicotiana, or night-blooming jasmine for a nice fragrance. When you spend your time in the balcony at night, you can also enjoy the good fragrance of flowers.

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6. Pocket-Friendly Furniture

Do not spend too much on your balcony furniture. Stencil some creative designs on cinderblocks and utilize them as cheap planters for your bacony. It is the best and inexpensive idea for your balcony furniture.

7. Light up Like It’s An Old Century

Decorate your balcony with candle shape electric lanterns. These types of lanterns are easily available in the market and with these types of lighting fixture, you can give the feel of the 19th century to your balcony. To install these lighting fixture call professionals like level 2 Electrician Central Coast.

8. Get One Lounge Chair

If you love to do craftwork, you can place a hanging lounge chair with some dowels and drop cloth in your balcony. You can also invest in a comfortable hammock chair to free up some area on your floor.

9. Add Cushion In Seating Area

You can also invest in outdoor pillows in your seating area. You can use a vinyl tablecloth and double-sided placemats to create your outdoor pillows. Also, these types of pillows are easily available in your nearby store.

You can also light up your seating arrangement with a good lighting system. If any lighting fixture stops working or showing any sign of malfunctioning like spark then cal skilled professionals.

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10. Wooden Planks

If you want bare flooring, you can go with wooden planks to cover up the concrete. Go to the nearest hardware store and ask them for wooden planks.

Before going to the hardware store, measure the dimensions of your balcony. You can also use tiles in place of wooden planks. Tiles are a weatherproof option for your balcony.