article 15

Article 15: Not Just A Movie But the Truth of Our Indian Society!

The movie ‘Article 15’ that was released on 28 June is running very well at the box office. This movie is based on the “Dalit atrocities” and discrimination against the person of this particular caste. The movie is directed and produced by Anubhav Sinha.  

As the movie was based on “Article 15- Fundamental rights of India” of the Indian constitution so my article is based on the same concept.

Let’s start!

So, what makes you an educated person?

Your qualification?


Your degrees?

How will you define an educated person?

In our school life, we have read many books to gain all that theoretical knowledge and then in some subjects like Science and computers we learned how to execute things practically.

In the process of creating a software program, you first learn code, do the coding part, compile it to check for any errors and then go for the execution phase.

If before the execution part any error happens you try to resolve it and then again execute it.

Why don’t you leave the program in between if any error occurs and why do you try to resolve the errors?

It’s because it’s your curiosity to see the output after all the efforts that you have put into creating that program.

Now, do you apply these things in real life too?

No, in our real-life we are just following the theory part and not executing things practically.

Have you thought about it that in our social life too, things need actual execution, and just the theory part alone can’t work?

We all know the history of the caste system and how it began. It was just the division of people on the basis of work that later turned into a different form.

So even after knowing all these things have you ever tried to implement these things in real life? Have you ever thought about this that why these people are called “Dalits/broken”?

When your own family, friends, or anyone close to you talks wrong about the people who belong to a different caste or what they say lower caste, do you stop them?

No. At that time you agree with them because they are your parents or family and if you will not agree with them then it means you are disrespecting them.

In my own life experience, I have seen people calling “lower caste” people “untouchable” and not sharing food with them. They never want their son or daughter to marry someone from a lower caste.

So what is the role of education if it can’t turn you into a person who has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong? Don’t you think that “caste discrimination” is nothing but just the mindset of people that they need to change?

You must have enjoyed “Article 15” but if you still didn’t learn anything from the movie then stop calling yourself educated.

“Let’s be human first, before being something else”.