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9 Ways to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

People who love pets have to deal with their messes. Pets are not as smart as human beings; therefore, they can create messes at any place in our home.

It is very natural and they can’t change their behavior but you cannot stop loving your pet. Therefore, you should look out for various ways to clean your pet mess properly. 

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tricks to clean annoying pet messes:

1. Cleaning Your Pet Fur

If you have a pet in your house then you can find your pet fur everywhere like your carpet, sofa, bed, etc. It not only looks bad but it can also generate allergies. Therefore, you should clean up your pet fur regularly. To remove pet furs you can use a vacuum cleaner as it can easily remove the pet fur with its strong suction ability.


2.  Clean Pee Stains

The pet’s urine is one of the culprits for carpet discoloration and loss of the pigment. Moreover, it spreads a foul smell. You can easily deal with this with a homemade cleaning solution.

Just take vinegar, baking soda, water and mix them well. Take a paper towel to suck up pet’s pee and after that pour this solution over the stain on the carpet. Now let it dry and after that clean this area with a vacuum cleaner for awesome results.


3. Pet Grooming

It is one of the basic rules to prevent your house from a pet mess.  Grooming involves adequate pet baths and regular cleaning. Buy a good quality pet shampoo and conditioner for pet hairs. You can use plain apple cider vinegar for a fresh pet bath. It will reduce allergies spread by pet fur and will keep your home clean and safe as well.

4. Use Litter Box

Pet litter box will help clean your house from pets’ poop. But, if you do not clean the litter box then it can create a nuisance and also spread nasty odor. You can use the biodegradable and disposable litter box. There is an automatic self-cleaning litter box also available in the market. If you have a plastic litter box then use an enzymatic cleaner to remove stain and bad odor.

5. Clean Dirty Paw Prints

Cleaning your pet’s paw will not only keep your pet neat and clean but also prevent your home from dirty paw prints. You can use paw cleaning mint to remove the dirt and dust from your pet’s paw.

The microfiber mitt is the best solution as it is fluffy and highly absorbent. The microfiber mitt can easily remove the dirt and it can be used again and again. 

6. Remove Poop Stains

It is one of the regular tasks for pet owners. Therefore, the pet’s parents should know the right techniques to remove the pet’s stain. You can use 1 Tbsp. of a dishwasher with 1 Tbsp. of vinegar and mix them well.

Apply this mixture onto the poop stain and repeat the process again and again until the stain removes properly.

7. Don’t let Your Washer Clogged due to Fur

If your clothes get pet hair then you can use your washer to remove it. But, how will you prevent your washer from pet’s fur?

If you want your washer to work efficiently then you should clean it regularly after use.  Accumulated fur can lead to the dysfunction of your washer. Remove the hair from the drain pump filter with the help of a soft brush.

Never forget to clean your washing machine after use. Also, you can take the help of HEPA vacuum cleaners once it becomes dry.

8. Homemade Solutions

You should use homemade solutions to clean the annoying pet messes. It will be cheap and non-toxic in nature. You can create citrus-enzyme cleaner at your home and use it to get rid of pet’s poop and pee tough stains.

Moreover, it is easy to make this solution because all the ingredients are easily available at your home. Take a few orange peels and mix it with 1 and 1/2 cups of lemon peels, and seven tablespoons of brown sugar.

In the end, pour the solution in the water and shake it well. Take this solution and use it to remove the urine odor and stain.

9. Vomit Cleaning

It is not a usual case but occasionally you have to experience the pet vomit cleaning process. Pet vomiting is not a regular occurrence, but occasionally you have to face it.

Cleaning a pet’s vomit is a challenging task as it is acidic in nature. You have to clean it quickly otherwise it will leave a tough stain on your carpet. The best homemade solution to clean the vomit is rug detergent mixed with hot water. 

Concluding All

All pet owners should love their pets but not their messes. You should keep your pets neat and clean always. It is not only good for your pet but also for you and your house. Regular pet grooming will keep your pet healthy and your house clean.