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6 Key Features Of Good Trade Booth Design

With the evolution of technology, design trends have been changing continuously. Good quality graphics with remarkable content is used to display on trade booths.

It is imperative to be creative and try some different and appealing design ideas for your exhibition stand to stand-out among various competitors during the event.

If you are looking for various new and unique booth design ideas then read the points given below.

1. Booth Design Must Be Unique and

Your booth design must strive for individuality as unique designs are capable to create a significant impact on the trade show visitors. All exhibitors should use the latest trends to build a bespoke stand design.

Using the company’s color pattern on your exhibition stand is a good idea as it will also help you in spreading brand awareness.

Make sure that your idea should be different from your competitor’s stand so that people can easily differentiate between both designs.

Think out of the box and don’t be afraid of doing experiments. Always try to implement your different ideas.

2. Don’t Forget The Lighting System

Most exhibitors don’t want to spend money on lighting systems because they consider that is not a worthy investment. But, the reality is different!

The good lighting system has the power to attract more visitors to your trade booth. It will help you in highlighting the main sections of your event booth design.

There are various types of lighting systems available in the market. You can use colored lights, hanging pendant lights, LEDs and many others.

Lighting is one of the most dramatic ways to increase the visual appeal of your stand just like in bespoke exhibition stands the UK.

3. Display Appropriate Message

The main objective behind marketing is to convey the right message to your potential customers.

By displaying precise and concise text on your stand walls you can convey the appropriate information and get the right customers for your product/service.

Make sure that your message is simple, clear, and readable as it will help you to win half the battle. You can also take the help of professionals who will write good messages and slogans for your stand.

Your message should not be paragraph-style as trade show visitors do not have much time to read the lengthy message. Try to complete your message in a few words.

4. Take Help Of Digital Graphics

Gone are the days when traditional low-quality graphics are used on the trade booth display. Growing technology has changed the trend and now all exhibitors should use digital graphics on the display walls.

The digital graphics are capable to catch the attention of trade show attendees.

If the trade show visitors do enter your stand but at least take a look at your stand display then good graphics will display the appropriate information related to your brand and products.

In the future, if those people want to purchase your products then they will recall your brand name and try to contact you.

In this way, digital graphics play a good role in expanding the customer base. Don’t forget to add a logo on graphical images.

5. Use QR Codes on Your Graphics

Upgrade your graphics using the latest technology. Integrate QR codes with your digital graphics so that trade show visitors easily access the whole information by scanning this code with their smartphones.

After scanning this barcode, a browser will open a page of their website where you can read the complete information related to the company and its products/services.

It’s time to go smarter by using the latest technology, otherwise, your competitors will move ahead leaving you behind.

Please ensure that the page open after scanning the QR code should be interactive and capable to create high-impact on viewers.

6. Flooring Should be eye-catching

All exhibitors consider that nobody notices the flooring style and design. Well, it is a misconception! The fact is that good flooring can create a good impact on visitors.

It may not as prior as lighting and signage but it can integrate with attractive elements in your booth and can create a good impact.

Usually, floor spaces are made up of tile or concrete that looks unfinished and inappropriate in your stand. Buy good color floor mats and enhance your booth flooring.