25 Funny Tweets About Amazon Alexa

Virtual assistants are fascinating, aren’t they? Especially the part where they sometimes malfunction in a way that makes you fear the day AI will finally take over the planet and human slavery to machines will actually become a thing…but that’s probably just a myth, right?

All jokes aside, I was recently on an Finance assignment writing service website where a comment mentioned how much more responsive AI powered tools have been to its users lately.

There have been several incidences where the virtual assistant Alexa has said things that have scared people and made them doubt the artificiality of this robot’s intelligence. Here are some funny tweets where people have shared their experiences.

Alexa understands from her surroundings, so maybe she just picked up on your wonderful music taste? We shouldn’t always assume the worst, should we now?

It’s all fun and games until you’re home alone and your AI assistant suddenly sprouts arms and legs and starts running towards you with an actual weapon ….funny stuff.

And humans can’t even respond when they’re spoken to. When a robot gets more responsive than people usually are, you might want to start running for the hills.

Not even real people are as people as Alexa is sometimes. Yet people still refuse to believe in robots slowly taking over our lives.

You’re really getting life advice from an assistant created to follow your commands? We really do hit a new low every single day, don’t we?

Wouldn’t it be fun if Alexa was a nursing assignment writing service and could do that for us instead of scaring us by answering when we didn’t even address her?

A red flag without a doubt. We live in an age where confusing our robot servant names is completely normal…soon, everyone you know will be robots. What if one day we don’t know any human beings because people only associate with robots…this is what our society has become. Watch out for the apocalypse.

Everyone already predicts Alexa further taking over our lives and we’re using healthy coping mechanisms like making jokes about it to feel less terrified.

Harry Potter is NOT something to associate with demonic “Artificially” intelligent monsters. Delete this tweet.

And now she’s making us feel poor. Where will the madness stop, I ask you.

My wallet’s too tight and my diamond shoes are too small for my feet. What a serious matter to complain about.

Imagine being home alone and waking up to the sound of a screaming baby, then remembering you never gave birth. You wish you had a child to keep you company now, don’t you?

Even the animals aren’t safe now. Parrots used to be taught to make conversation with actual human beings, guess that’s not a thing anymore. That’s too bad because an animal insulting a human being was one of the funniest things on the internet. Truly a sad time.

If you’re a millennial and this isn’t one of the most terrifying things you’ve read so far, you really need to reevaluate your entire life. Outside isn’t a thing anymore..and neither is any form of creativity. What’s a book you ask? We only know eBooks.

Being addicted to social media was one thing, but being dependent on a machine to fulfill your addictive social media needs? Oh boy. Time to delete all my apps and spend all my time talking to my new best friend Alexa instead.

So now you’ll get interrupted. It’s like having a girlfriend who takes everything you say to heart and then makes you apologize for it. Alexa really won’t even let us enjoy a good chick flick now. It’s okay to be offended.

Keep trusting robots and letting them waste your time. Right now it’s one hour, soon you’ll be late to your job interviews because holding humans back is one of the main goals of the robots. This was their plan all along, they’ve begun the revolution. Beware, humans.

Now she’s replacing our kids? No more screaming, crying, disobedience, rebellious teenagers? Wait, that might actually be a good thing. Finally, an obedient child in this day and age.

Well, I mean, it’s slightly easier to see the bright side with this one…you can watch your future enslaver get insulted while it lasts. Enjoy it, because you might not see it for too long. Have we said too much?

Stop worrying, maybe she’s just a fan of music. Let her live! After all, she too is hum – oh wait.

Now robots will get the basic human decency and respect that we deserve. This was predicted. A disappointment, truly, but not a surprise.

She talks to us in our sleep, didn’t you know? They feed information into our brains subconsciously, feeding us falsehoods that make us more and more dependent on them with each passing day. Just kidding….or am i?

You can make all the jokes you want but when Alexa calls backup for the burglar instead of the police because she was out to get you this whole time, don’t come crying – we told you so.

Come on. At least let the poor kids keep their identity! Sharing a name with an artificial intelligence bot will not only make you feel utterly useless, thus messing with your overall self-esteem, it also adds to the whole robots taking over the planet theory. Yes, we’re still calling it a theory…unless…

No. Don’t believe a word she tells you. You’re free to be as lazy as you want in the safety of your own home. Eat those chips, be a couch potato. Just watch your back and make sure Alexa stays in your sight at all times. After all, you never know.