office girl with gadgets
office girl with gadgets

15 Smart Gadgets to Boost Your Productivity

Technological advancement has changed the way we lead our lives now. Smart gadgets like mobile phones or computers have not only made our life simpler but also improved the productivity of humans all over the world.

One of the greatest challenges in today’s times is how can one improve his/her productivity to achieve day-to-day targets. Improving productivity has multiple aspects. However, it is mainly about optimizing inputs while maximizing outputs.

Without much ado, the following are 15 such gadgets that would help you and your team a lot in terms of increasing your productivity:

1. Arlo

It involves enough fuss with the wires, receivers, and settings when it comes to the installation of security cameras in your home. Take help from professional electricians who can do it for you.

You will find the best surveillance cameras here as Arlo comes in with ease of installation. You can now perform every monitoring from your mobile phone with the help of its app as you need to simply have them connected to the Wi-Fi.

It is well protected from heat and rain for the added security of your home as Arlo is equipped with a complete magnetic mount here.

2. SanDisk Wireless Stick

This special gadget allows you to get wireless access as well as share your file on every device with the help of a computer, phone, or tablet. This is not at all plug_and_play, you need to plug in terms of only charging it with the ease of access to the files in an old-fashioned manner.

jabra speak series

3. Jabra Speak Series

When it comes to productivity, the Jabra Speak series is a great one where you can listen to music blocking out the other destructive noises that are going on around you. You can also offer tools and solutions that are there for businesses once you take it a step further here.

4. Luxafor

If you are swelling in an open office environment the Luxafor works there wonders in terms of productivity. Distractions appear to be a constant affair while you are sharing a similar space with that your coworkers.

The times when you are busy, in need of focus, or when you are available for chats, this gadget will help you a lot here.

5. Keen Home

You can now well manage the temperature of your room and have them in their uniform and balanced way. This is now possible with the introduction of the smart vent technology of Keen Home.

This will allow you to save on energy consumption as well as in the conservation of energy as this opens and closes to adapt to the comfortable range of temperature.

6. The Beam Smart Projector

You can now transform any surface into a screen with the help of Beam Smart Projector. You can well control it through the Beam Remote app on your device while you can screw it into any light socket to and with the use of a power cable.

7. eBeam Smart marker

Once you share the whiteboard notes with the eBeam Smartmaker in real-time anywhere in the world, this will help you to make the meetings and pitch sessions much more effective and interactive.

8. TimeFlip

For people who would love to take control of their time for boosting their productivity; TimeFlip is the one that is meant for all. This device has 12 flattened sides to whom you can assign the tasks with the help of TimeFlip which is a dice.


9. Morning Sidekick Journal

No, this is not a morning person here! This is the best journal you can keep. When you are searching for a collection of science-based tips and strategies well in advance of your morning productivity preparing you to tackle the day you get them all with the help of the Morning Sidekick journal.

You need to spend just 3 minutes in the morning for building this brand new habit here as it is quite funny and easier.

10. Saent

This tool will take your productivity to a completely new level as this consists of a physical button for an app that would block distractions from online sites and apps.

11. Fidgi Pen

Meetings seem to be quite boring at times. Many of us start to click on the pens, bounce our legs off, and mindless fidget around something we have in grips of our hands. This pen is the best solution for you to create discreet solutions with 7 ideal features that come along with this.


12. The Everlast Notebook

This tool is for people who still have cravings for pen and paper in this digital age with the help of the Everlast notebook. You can scan your notes with the help of the Rocketbook App for transferring them to any preferred cloud service instead of just wiping the pages clean with a simple wet piece of fabric as you can write in it with any of the Pilot Frixion line pens.

13. Gotek: Wireless Rollable Keyboard with BT Speaker

You can now connect to every mobile device with the help of a screen size of up to 10 inches that would work remotely much more comfortably with the help of a wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth speaker.

Since it is compact, lightweight, and where both the elements will be able to work conveniently that can be used separately as you can bring them anywhere.

14. Mobicase

Ever thought of bringing workstations wherever you go? Mobicase offers you the same with a compact and well-designed laptop bag that transforms in an ergonomic workstation here.

15. Catchbox

You can now make your meetings, events, and conferences further engaging as you encourage participation with the help of Catchbox which is a throwable microphone. They are both portables as well as lightweight along with being customizable design.