get more clients on Fiverr

10 Smart Tips to Win More Clients on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can buy or sell freelance services easily. It lets you show your technical skills and complete the projects given by clients. You can create gigs and share them on social media so that more clients can know about your services. Most people find it difficult to get clients on Fiverr.

How to get more clients on Fiverr?

So, here are a few tips that will help you get more clients on Fiverr:

1. Create A Professional Fiverr Profile

When someone is looking for an expert freelancer the first thing they notice is your profile. Your Fiverr profile should look more professional as well as unique to stand out from competitors. The client should have a clear understanding of what is your expertise and what services you are selling.

2. Optimize your Fiverr Gigs

You need to optimize your gigs so that clients can easily find them on the first page. To make your gig on the first page make sure to add your main target keyword in the Gig title. Adding the keyword in the title makes your Gig more searchable. Similarly setting up the metadata and keywords is also very important. One more way to optimize your Gigs is by adding FAQs related to your services.

3. Quick Response

Once you receive the order requirements from the client make sure to respond as soon as possible. This will leave a positive impact at the start of your conversation. A delayed response sometimes may result in negative experiences. You can download the Fiverr app on mobile to quickly respond at any time. Keeping response time short will increase your credibility and trust in the eyes of clients. 

4. Don’t Stick to Just One Gig

If you provide more than one service then it’s better to create a separate Gig for each niche so that clients can better understand your services. For example, if you are a graphic designer then you can create separate Gigs for designing logos, banner design, product packaging, advertisements, commercials, etc. This will help you get more clients on Fiverr.

5. Structure your Work in Packages

Fiverr lets you create different packages named basic, standard, and premium to differentiate between the services the client will get in that particular package. The basic package will cover the most basic services at a minimal price and the premium package will cover some high-level services and the charges will be more than basic. This makes it easy for buyers to choose the right set of services for their business.

6. Convey quality work

As there is much competition on Fiverr so you need to ensure the best quality work that satisfies your client’s prerequisites. Also, include free revisions in your package if the client is not satisfied with your work.

7. On-Time Delivery

Give your clients the most ideal experience by delivering work on time. This is critical for your advancement and accomplishment as a dealer on Fiverr. Any delay in the work is not acceptable because the client is paying you for quality services and that too on time.

8. Fast answers win more clients

Being receptive to clients will make a positive encounter and assist you with building significant areas of strength for on Fiverr. Ensure you give careful and useful updates to your clients throughout the whole cycle. Utilize the Fiverr application to answer your messages from whenever, anyplace.

9. Gig Image

An eye-catching gig image will grab clients’ attention immediately. It will improve the chances of getting more impressions and clicks on your gig. Keep your Gig images clear and the resolution should be 550 by 370 pixels or slightly higher. Make sure the file size is no more than 5MB. The text in the images should be easily readable. Do not use plagiarise content in the images.

10. Promote Gigs

By promoting gigs on different social media channels can help you get new clients and orders on Fiverr. There are different ways to promote your gigs:

  • Cold mailing to market your services
  • Promoting your services on Quora
  • Social Media Platforms like Facebook
  • Promoting through Content Marketing
  • Paid Ads